It's breathtaking**presenting my Chanel RED CAVIAR JUMBO w BIJOUX CHAINS...PICS~~

  1. As you all know that i have posted a thread abt my bag that is coming soon.


    Yes, she has arrived it today at my doorstep an hr ago.

    I opened up the package box and inside the chanel box is my :heart:HG Red Caviar Jumbo with Bijoux Chain:heart:....i'm speechless by the color and i jus love it at first sight IRL since i only see them in pictures:dothewave:

    The condition is like NEW and it's flawless:tender:

    Let me present my bag, here are the pictures...pls enjoy:flowers:


    Pictures taken without natural daylight (with flash)

  2. I love it! You are so lucky to find one!
  3. :drool::drool:&:love::love:
    I'd say more but I am breathless!

    (ps: i want one too..:drool:)
  5. oooh! may I ask where you were able to get one? i'd love to get my hands on one too...
  6. More pictures:


    Picture taken with natural daylight (with flash)

    Presenting my beloved son modeling my red jumbo bag, he loves RED and has been touchin my bag since i showed it to him....LOL:graucho::graucho:


    my son is tryin to snatch my camera while i'm takin the picture..LOL:heart:
  7. Gorgeous! All of a sudden I feel my collection needs something red. LOVE it! Your son is absolutely adorable!!

    I see you've already changed your avatar to your next HG, ha, ha!
  8. Your new red bag and your son are absolutely gorgeous! I love the color! Congrats on the fantastic bag!
  9. It's DIVINE! Congrats Celia, you so deserve it girl!

    Loves it!!!!

  10. Congratulations!! You finally found one. Well done:tup:
  11. thanks the_lvlady, i actually found her from an eBay seller....i think it's by luck:flowers:
  12. Congratulations!! You're bag is more than it love it L O V E it!
  13. Celia! I love love love your red jumbo! and the pic of your son is so so so so so so adorable. Looking at cute baby pictures when you're pregnant works? Hehehe..

    Congrats once again! You totally deserve her
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!!! It is one of my favorite purse.
  15. congrats on this bag, it took me ages to find one and its definitely worth the wait, enjoy it!!