It's Big, It's White, It's The Morgan

  1. Ok, here she is. Not sure about The Morgan yet. It is a little big and a little white. The bag does look versatile though. It is very comfortable and it fits over the shoulder well. It is not as deep as a Mahala, but it sure is wide:nuts:Hmmm, what do you think?




    Here is a close up with the Jimmy Choo Juniper flats:heart:.

    morgan1.jpg morgan7.jpg morgan5.jpg morgan6.jpg morgan4.jpg
  2. so cute, also great out fits.
  3. I think the bag fits you perfectly! Love the Morgan!
  4. I :heart: the Morgan, Samantha. You really dazzle with all JC bags... Although, yeah, I love the shoes even more.

    I agree that the bag looks big, it must be hard to buy a bag unseen (from personal experience,too). But it looks so versatile, and so classy. The "whiteness" doesn't come out in the pics, but I totally believe you when you say it's 'white.'

    Let us know what you decide. I think I'm still set on a Black Morgan for now. Don't trust myself with white anything.
  5. KEEP it! :tup:

    Looks great - but with your legs a paper sack would look hot :lol:
    Love your shoes too!
  6. Looks great with your tan!! I love the look of black and white and it looks especially nice with the striped dress.
  7. Samantha,
    The bag looks AWESOME on you:nuts::nuts:

    It is funny how so many of the Jimmy Choo styles look so plain in the photos:hrmm: but then when YOU model them, you have a way of bringing them to life and making them become SO desirable:drool:

    I felt that way about the Troy clutch, the Mahala and the Ring, now the Morgan looks like it might be a "must have":choochoo:
  8. samantha! i think the morgan looks FABULOUS on you!!! :tup: it doesn't look too wide at all. especially when you're holding it by the handles or over your shoulder. and with that gorgeous tan, the white looks even more beautiful! :yes:
    and i agree with robyn, your modeling pics make the JC bags look even better than the online pics! keep us posted on what you decide!
  9. Congrats Samanatha:tup: - she is BEAUTIFUL and YOU make her look great with all the nice and SEXY outfits:drool:

    I LOVE LOVE :heart:LOVE HER!!!!....:yahoo:
  10. Ditto, looks great with everything, but I especially like the striped dress with it, nice bag and shoes. Congratulations.
  11. I love the bag with the striped dress! LOVE the shoes even more! :heart:

    What I like about the bag is that it is white rather than Winter White....VERY pretty!! The bag looks amazing on you! :yahoo:
  12. Samantha - I think the bag looks great! Have you decided to keep it?
  13. It is a large bag! I agree with the other ladies that it looks nice with the stripe dress. Will color rub off on it? I had that problem with a cream gustto and it will not come off. It is a beautiful bag. Love, Love, Love the shoes!!!:love:
  14. Thank you ladies so much for taking the time to look at my new Choo purchase and showing Morgan some Choo love:blush::flowers:

    Bonnie, now that I have tried out the Morgan with quite a few looks, I think it would be an amazing baby bag in black or brown. Here are a couple pretty pictures for you.



    I'm glad the flats were a hit. I opened the box and did not have to think twice. Isn't it great when a purchase is so easy? No stress!

    As for the Morgan, it almost made it out of the house but I did not want to be too hasty. It is a large tote but I think I will get used to it and end up loving it. The color is pretty! It is white white with stone suede to tame it a bit. Th gold hardware is gorgeous!
    black morgan.jpg coffee morgan.jpg
  15. After seeing your beautiful Nestas, I thought you might like the Junipers! As for color transfer, I think it will be fine. I have an Ivory Gucci 85th Boston bag and it has been great. My Ivory muse I have to be careful with. The leather on the Morgan looks like it is not very porous or grainy ...almost slick.

    Robyn, I am with you on the quality of the Jimmy Choo stock photos:tdown:. Hard to fully appreciate the style of the bags. I think they should do modeling shots for all Jimmy Choo bags. BTW, you are too kind and so sweet!