~~*~~It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~~*~~

  1. Here are pics of my 04 red and mystery green that I recently acquired, and a pic with and without flash of my 03/04 pewter family (lilac 03, black 04 and dark turquoise 04).

    Hmmm, the only things missing, perhaps a caramel, or yellow, or an orange with pewter. Maybe Santa will remeber, I've been good:lol:
    redgreen.jpg pewtercollectionflash.jpg pewtercollection.jpg
  2. ^ oh my gosh you have AMAZING bags!
  3. Holy moly! :drool::nuts: Those are some fabulous bags!
  4. nice bags! i'm waiting for my true red with pewter hardware in the mail :drool:
  5. Carolyn, you're killing me one bag at a time! Mystery green and lilac 03? OMG, this whole thread is my holy grail.
  6. Wow, awesome bags!
  7. :drool::drool::drool: I love your red and mystery green! if only I'm as lucky to score bags like that.... congrats! you have a beautiful rare family!
  8. Oh kill me now....those are divine!!!!!!
  9. All I can say is... :drool::drool::drool: :wtf:
  10. Nice.. Bals~!!! Thats a rare sight to see :nuts:
  11. Sunspark!!! You already know how I feel about older bbags...

    Aren't they THE BEST with pewter? One of these days I'll get one (and keep it!)
  12. What lovely bags!
  13. oh pretty - when i grow up i want a collection like that! :drool::nuts::wtf:
  14. Nice collection. :nuts:I love the pewter hardware.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  15. Thanks ladies, It's taken a while, a lot of perseverance, and waiting, but I love them all so much:smile:

    Nicole you will love your true red!