It's been way too long ... Speedy Croisette + Neverfull

  1. Here are my newly purchased babies!

    Neverfull MM
    Mini Monogramn Pouch
    Speedy 30 Mini Lin Croisette + matching wallet
    Speedy Inclusion Key Ring

    Unfortunately my SA sent me the wrong color wallet. So I will have to get it exchanged at my local LV store.

    Oh ... Also ... what do you guys think about the speedy key ring on the bag?
    I thought it would make a good match. But the blue is slightly off, at times it
    looks cute. And sometimes it doesn't. I can't make up my mind ...

    Feedback appreciated! :yes:
    MMpouch.jpg neverfull.jpg speedy cruise.jpg speedykey.jpg walletcruise.jpg
  2. loves them all, especially the speedy! congrats!
  3. I love the way the blue Inclusion Speedy looks ok your Croisette Speedy! :drool:
  4. love them all! the speedy key ring is sooooo cute!
  5. nice, congrats! I LOVE that speedy!
  6. Great purchases!
    I love the Monogramn Pouch
  7. blue speedy with blue speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love It!!!
  8. Everything is fabulous! Congrats~!!
  9. Great purchases ... I love your new speedy and the key ring looks great with it! Congrats!
  10. aww I LOVE the blue inclusion on the speedy, it looks fabulous! congrats!
  11. wonderful purchases... Congrat's and enjoy!
  12. I love all your new purchases... I am not so sure about the inclusion key ring on the speedy.. i like it up close, but not far away... it does not look bad, just may be that I need to get used to it. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mini Lin Croisette Speedy though!!
  13. Congrats on all your great new stuff !!!
  14. they are all so cutee! love the speedy :]

  15. AWESOME choices!!!!! LOVE it ALL!!!