It's been too long! Time for a reveal, I think?

Hi ladies! So it's been a month since my last little H purchase, and I guess I just felt the itch-- Haha, no, really, that's not long for me, since I don't buy a lot, but I saw a thread Kallie Girl posted with some goodies from her incredible SA (who is my SA too! :girlsigh:) and I just had to pick up one of the items. It's nothing too exciting, but it's so pretty! :love:


Our SA is so wonderful! She sent me a bag full of samples, too, including some Hermessences-- Ambre Narguile and Vetiver (which I really like!). Now I've gotta track down Rose Ikebana and Poivre Samarcande... I want to try them, too! So yeah, all kinds of perfume, as you can see, and a little orange box....