It's been so quiet around here lately...what are you planning to buy this fall?

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  1. Love the Bordeaux color!
    As for me, I don't really have my eye on anything. I recently got my first Treesje - a Magnolia and LOVE it! I may want another Magnolia or two, but nothing from the Fall arrivals I think. I'm trying by best to be good...
  2. I'm waiting on the holiday releases, the mini asher twist in purple sounds intriguing :P
  3. ^^I'm trying to be good too...I really should not buy anything else until 2011!

    aznkat, the asher twist sounds really cool too...can't wait to see it.
  4. I'd love a Magnolia if I could lay my hands on one. But I bought an Asher a few weeks ago and since I have several bags to rotate I'm not thinking of buying this side of Christmas. Of course these could be famous last words!
  5. I have a Navy Mini Asher coming tomorrow. I'm so excited!!
  6. I'm actually waiting to buy a bag from the holiday..... I adore some of the styles especially the Metro Twist Hobo - it may be my first purchase ever in a neutral color such as Stone just because it looks gorgeous...still undecided on color. I also love the Treesje Harley as we'll see! I think the holiday line is SO beautiful and elegant!
  7. Congrats BH! Is this your first asher?

    grkbella, I really like the metro twist hobo too in stone. That's the one bag that really caught my eye out of the holiday collection.
  8. I would love to have the Magnolia. Someday she'll be in my arms. :love:
  9. oooh grkbella be sure to share what you get!

    i've special ordered the dark purple magnolia from AA, but it won't be ready until march... I can't wait!
  10. We can't wait to see!! :P
  11. I love my gray mini asher so much, I plan on getting one in navy as well :biggrin:
  12. I've been wanting another mini asher - the one in smokey red. The color is so beautiful, but knowing that the color transfers just makes me keep my wallet tightly closed. (AA has it for such a great deal right now...)

    I would love, love, love to get my hands on a cream mini-magnolia. {{sigh}}
  13. I know. If asteralice would mark navy down to the same price as the smokey red I would have already bought it!!