It's been is horrible...H has been boring until...(reveal)!

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  1. It's January in my part of Alaska and this is what it was like this weekend. Usually, I do my reveals in the garden, but not this one...

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  2. yay!!
  3. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. Live Reveal!!! I'm here :yahoo:
  5. Nice.
  6. Usually January is full of great things...New ideas, new budgets at work, new everything. This year, it has been like the twilight zone so far and it's only a few weeks in. How to cure the randomness that is going on?? Go to H!!

    Wandered in, there was nothing. ugh. I even looked at scarves that I have no idea how to tie...nothing. H soap?? who am I kidding. Get out of H and drive slowly home in the snow before you get trapped in with all the crazies.

    Instead I go to buy a lipstick.:yes: When in doubt, there is always lipstick. I get home...only to see a voicemail JUST before dinner...freakin att..I would have gotten the call if I had verizon!
  7. ATT sucks, but the iphone is genius.

  8. OOOH I'm still in time YES YES YES
  9. :popcorn:
  10. You know, I have a vision of that snowy scene above with the verizon crowd shivering away.
  11. Oooh!! Can't wait! Should be good!
  12. The message was, "Hi Monkey, it was great seeing you. Guess what showed up." I was like :faint:..I JUST got home and I was just there!!!! So I had to wait to get her.

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  13. Excited to see what ya got!
  14. :popcorn: :popcorn:
  15. Nobody will ever guess this, so I won't even tease. Here she is, my second and last 35cm birkin: Brique Vache Ligee w/ PH. So worth the wait. :heart:

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