Its been one year since I found the forum!!!

  1. I just noticed I joined the forum one year ago this month!!! (on the 1st)!! I was just telling my husband this and he laughed and said the hours you spent on there we could have opened another business! Well he got that right. AND if he only knew the products, bags, and clothes I disovered in my many hours of pleasure spent on here!! (like Dior show mascara, bags about to be released when and where to find them, etc...etc..) but first and foremost I have made a few friends along the way and shared so many laughs! Since everyone seems to post when they hit a certain number I thought I would put a twist on it!! I have a year under my belt!! Heres to many more!:drinkup: :drinkup: :drinks: :drinks:
  3. :drinkup: :party: WOOHOO!!
    Always a blast posting with ya..heres to may more years to come!
  4. :yahoo: Congrats on 1 year!
  5. congrats! in so many ways that means more than a 1000, or 3000, or 5000 posts!
  6. We have loved having you here so much!!! You are just amazing and someday soon we will finally meet up :drinkup:
  7. Thanks ladies! know the door is always open here in Key west!! Come on down!!! Duval st. awaits us!!!
  8. Congrats Sunshine!!! The funny thing is, its been a year for me as well this month! I had to go and look after I saw this thread.:yahoo::wlae:
  9. Well, Danica you know you are one of the ones I love talking to!!
  10. happy anniversary! :drinks:
  11. Happy Anniversary, Sunshine! :jammin: :yahoo: [​IMG]
  12. Happy anniversary Sunshine! My one year anniversary is coming up next month, too. So glad that I was able to find such a great forum.
  13. Congrats! I've been here for 4 months.
  14. Yay congrats!! I'm at a year next month!! :yahoo:
  15. Happy anniversary, Sunshine!! Cheers!!:drinks: :drinkup: :happydance: