Its been exactly one year since I got my first LV!

  1. One year ago today I went to Holt Renfrew in Edmonton and bought my Fuchsia Baggy PM! I was saying that it would be my last bag purchase and boy was I wrong! I never would have thought that one year later, I'd have 4 LV bags and 5 accessories!

    Back then, I didn't know anything about LV and the only bag I knew the name of was the Alma! :p I didn't even know what a Speedy looked like! It would be funny going back there and now knowing more than the SA!

    Besides trying on the Baggy PM in all 3 colours, I also tried on the Monogram Alma, and the Manhattan.

    Then I made a fool of myself paying when my bank card got rejected and I ended up paying with 3 different credit cards and cash! Then I was all shocked when the SA came around the counter to give me my bag! :roflmfao:
    But I walked out proudly with my first big brown bag! :love:
  2. congrats on the new bag,, and your anniversary! you certainly got a lot of things in the past year!
  3. i love carrying that brown bag..congrats!
  4. me too! I feel special!!!
  5. Great story! How's the bag holding up to a year of love and affection?
  6. Happy anniversary! By the way, do you still use your baggy pm a lot?
  7. That is a great story, I love the edmonton store the sa are great.
  8. Happy Anniversary!
  9. Great story!!! These 2 years I've loved LV is the longest that I've ever loved anything! :p
  10. Congratulations =) Reminds me that my first LV is really soon to be three years old..

  11. yeah :nuts:i want to know too because my baggy is still a baby.:heart::heart:I hope you can post pix too is you dont mind.TIA:heart:;)
  12. What can I say.. Vuitton, it's a lifestyle !
  13. Ya know, it's very close to my first LV anniversary (besides a gift my gf gave me years ago).. the gift was a grafitti pochette, and I hid it from myself, cause I knew that if I got started on LV, I'd never stop, and it happened. Now, I love having that grafitti in my collection. My first LV might have been in June or July of last year... It was the MC Lodge... And, I also thought it would be my last..haha, not sure how many I have now... Just figured so far this year I've spent $3K on bags alone! Yikes...not counting accessories, and I don't even live near an LV boutique. I ADORE your fuschia Neo Speedy and definately would have pulled out all the stops to walk away with her too! I wish I could have one of those too! She looks so fabulous with you in your avatar! Here's to our first year of LV!
  14. Happy First Anniversary. I think the tradition is a gift made of paper--perhaps an LV catalog!
  15. Happy 1st Anniversary...your first bag and your boutique experience is better than me!!!Congrat and continue the love with LV :smile: