It's been awhile since outlet LUCK like this 4 me!!!

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  1. I used to be an outlet JUNKIE but then the FP deletes started to be non existent and the SA's were getting BAD! I have't been since my wedding ann in July and before that it was just after the 1st of the year!!!
    Hubby and I made the 6 hour round trip drive yesterday to the flagship outlet in Chicago and I LUCKED OUT!!!

    I can't believe what a total chameleon this color is! In the store it looked like lilac in one light, blush in another! Now it's mostly grey hues in the light of day!!!

    I also got my cupcake FOB I've been wanting!!! SO CUTE!
    I shopped around a little after I found my 'must have' and although there were a TON of cute MFF accessories nothing I 'had to have.'

    PS~Can I Apple this leather?? Anyone?? Anyone??

    More pic's to come later but I've gotta get ready for work!!!

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  2. I took 20+ pic's including some modeling but here's what I got resized and marked!!!

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  3. Madison Embossed Carryall in bone/silver!!!!

    $598 MSRP + 30% OFF + 20% OFF (coupon) + 20% off because I complained the tag wasn't attatched and there was NO dustbag!!!

    $267.91 + tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wonderful deal! i have this pattern/color in the maggie. it is amazing. and does truely look different in all lighting.

    enjoy it!
  5. congrats on your new stunner, lovecoachmore -- she's def. a beauty, and unique color!!
  6. Great price
  7. Great price. Great bag. Congrats!
  8. I'll have modeling pic's late 2night!!!
  9. Love it!! Love your cupcake!!
  10. Awesome!! That is one gorgeous bag!!
  11. Gorgeous... I just love the great buys..
  12. Awesome!! Bag twins!! I love love love this bag...Enjoy her!

  13. Wow, lucky girl:nuts: ... our outlet doesn't even give out ANY dustbags with the FP deletes and you got an additional 20% off for a missing one! Congrats and enjoy ... bag twins on the croc carryall, definitely one of my prettiest Coach bags!:girlsigh:
  14. I have always loved this color in the carryall. It is stunning. Awesome price. Congrats
  15. Congrats, you got a wonderful deal...