it's been collection!!

  1. hope u guys like my small but essential (IMO) :heart: collection! the popincourt, papillon 19, damier bifold wallet and cles i got before i joined tpf...the ones on the right........u guys are the culprit :love:
  2. Gorgeous!!
  3. What a lovely collection.:love: Love all your choices and they're all in beautiful shape, you takecare of your babies well!:yes:
  4. im glad someone agrees with me! when they're not with me, they're in their dustbags :P and in their rooms (box) in the house (closet) :shame:

  5. :nuts: It's growing real fast :graucho: Love them all:yes: :love:
  6. it's a beautiful collection!!!!
  7. awesome collection!!!
  8. awesome collection Rensky....I see that you love Damier!!!!!!!!
  9. Nice collection! What's the little charm on your Speedy?

  10. :nuts: i like that Pink Noe :love: think i still can get them in LV ..:rolleyes:
  11. Great collection! I love the Cherry Noe! Its beautiful
  12. I love it! Love all the damier especially!
  13. Nice collection! The PF will do that to ya!!
  14. Great collection... I love the cherry. :love:
  15. Thanks for sharing your current collection, I think in a couple months it should double. :graucho: