It's Been Awhile But I'm Back in Bal City!

  1. Like the title states, it's been almost a year since my last Bal reveal. The f/w 2013 line didn't have much to offer so I skipped Bal altogether. Awhile browsing the online site last week I stumbled upon this bag and completely fell in love with the look and color. And now that I have it in my hands, I am soooo in love with the leather! My best Bal purchase yet! I am on my way out to pick up another bag so I'll finish my reveal in a bit. In the meantime, any guesses?

  2. Excuse my lame iphone's autocorrect...the title should be "ITS"
  3. Here!
  4. here
  5. I'm here! I can't wait to see it!

    Here's a wild guess... is it powder blue?
  6. :snack: looks like a dark colour.
  7. I'm sorry this took so long...traffic was horrible on the way home from the LV boutique.

    Here is my newest addition!

  8. The leather is so thick and yummy! I was offered the black and gold but decided to go with this because I recently added two black bags to my collection. The color is absolutely gorgeous! I am soooo in love!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1389826006.620477.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1389826036.273170.jpg
  9. I think this color is the best out of the gold-trim collection! Congrats!! :smile:
  10. Love the color of that bag! It's beautiful!
  11. That bag is insane! Lucky lady. :smile:
    Excellent choice! It's #1 on my "want" list!
  12. Wow, congrats on your new Balenciaga :woohoo:!
  13. congrats.beautiful color
  14. ah so envious! mod shots?

    (btw, "it's" is accurate :smile:)
  15. Thanks everyone :biggrin:

    Of the three colors that I was offered, I felt like this was a great choice. It's definitely not your plain black and not your wild color--it was just the right amount of sultry red to give my outfits a pop of color without overdoing it. I highly recommend this bag and color to anyone who is on the fence!

    I will try to get some mod shots in on my day off. My rotation hours have been crazy long. All I yearn for at the end of the day is sleep!