It's been asked a gazillion times but....


Which would you choose?

  1. Tomato Day with GSH

  2. RT Day

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  1. I'm pretty new here. Been reading when I get a chance. I know there has been a lot of questions and opinions about the different reds. So here is my particular situation. I have been waiting for a tomato day with SGH. Still waiting and no one has any word when they will come in. In the meantime there is a RT day on eBay. I have always loved that color. Never thought I might have a chance to get it. But the pics I see of tomato are stunning and the leather looks fab. I don't have any GH bags and I think silver looks great with tomato. BUT I've never owned an '05 and I hear it is the best. Also, the RT color seems to be a real favorite for those who have seen it IRL

    What would you do?
  2. I LOVE RT!!!! :love: but both colors are gorgeous so it is a tough decision!!!
  3. Everyone says that rouge theatre (thats RT right?) is fabulous! Its a hard call. I think you need one of those PFers who knows the reds really well.
  4. Love Rouge Theatre! :tender:I'm not a Day person but am looking for one in a City! :tup:
  5. I think that RT is a richer and more subtle colour - if you can say that about a bright red?
  6. Just to throw another colour in. I have a Rouge VIF and i think it is the most gorgeous pillar box red.. so bright and cheerful. I do however love the RT - more of a blood red, im not so keen on tomato i find has a slight orange tone to it. Between the two you've chosen, i would pick RT.
  7. I personally LOVE RT!!!!! I bought a Tomato coin purse hoping it would be close to RT but it's a lot brighter. It's still a pretty red but just not for me so I sold it. Finally I found a RT City and I know for sure now RT is my one and only red I'll ever have...LOVE IT to death!!!!
  8. RT all the way! it is the most gorgeous red!
  9. i pick the RT!! and yes, the city is a nice size for the RT...i like the color because its such a deep red!!
  10. both red is pretty but i did vote for the RT only because of the regular hardwares. good luck in your decision. i don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  11. I'm not a super-big red fan (years of my mom dressing me in it when I was little and had no choice left me eh about it), but from the pics I've seen, I like rouge theatre. And I prefer regular hardware, so that made it easy!
  12. RT all the way!!!
  13. I :heart: Tomato with GSH...
    Such an interesting combo