It's been a while! I still love LV!

  1. It's been several months since I last purchased LV! I had ventured towards Chanel because nothing LV caught my eye, but now that I had been out of the loop, there has been so many new colors and styles that I'm so excited again!

    I had originally gone to the boutique to get on the waitlist for the HEART :heart: (Violette...but having 2nd thoughts now. Also waitlisted for Pomme, but now I want gold and Amarante, too! Can't decide!) and maybe get something Violette (like the new cles!) but came home with:

    Amarante French Purse and Pomme Cles! :heart:

    I looked at Violette Cles and wallets, but I realized it's just not my color. I wanted the purple to be BRIGHTER but it's actually quite muted down. Still a verrry pretty color, but I'm not the one for easter colors/pastels. I go well with warmer and more vivid tones!

    So here are a bunch of photos! I'm still not sure if I want to keep them. Maybe I should have gotten them in different colors? Maybe Pomme FP and Amarante Cles? I was getting a little bored with my Damier FP...classic, but I wanted brighter colors. Should I keep the Amarante FP, which looks almost black, or go for some other color? Should I give Violette a chance?

    Thanks for your help!! I missed you LV lovers!
    pommeamarantetogether.jpg amarantefp1.jpg amarantefp2.jpg amarantefp3.jpg
  2. And of course, the Cles :smile:.
    newpommecles1.jpg newpommecles2.jpg
  3. They are all beautiful colors! I love the pomme and amarante --- absolutely stunning colors! I say keep all of them! :graucho:
  4. Congrats, both are very nice colors! I like the idea of the Pomme FP and Amarante cles though. :shrugs:
  5. welcome back, lol. I like Pomme in FP better, violette is super cute! Have you see the new Epi puples? they are very yummy too :yes:
  6. I love the amarante. I also say keep them all!
  7. We missed you too! I love the new cles!
  8. Welcome back to the world of Louis Vuitton.. with a bang ! :graucho:
  9. They are gorgeous! I love those colors and I love the brilliancy of the shine!
  10. i love the amarante french purse - good choice. amarante, paired w/ gold, is so gorgeous.

    love the pomme cles too.
  11. gorgeous! i love them both! i know what u mean by the violette though, i was hoping it would be more glossy, it was a bit too muted down for me too. :sad:
  12. i :heart: the french purse and the new cles. I think the FP in vernis is the BEST. Here's a pic of the pomme if you just want to look and compare. I'm sure you've seen them before but just thought i would post. I really like amarante, i think i need to expand my color choices. Hmmm, maybe a ludlow in amarante for me :p Congrats!!!
  13. i have the french purse in pomme and pochette cles in violette.. and i love it this way. and this would also be my suggestion =P but in the end, just go with whatever you like because that's all that matters!
  14. Hey Peach, I missed you! How ya doing? I have the total opposite color combo. Pochette cles in amarante and French Purse in Pomme. LMK if you want me to post a pic for you to see. I love your purchases though! Welcome back!!!!
  15. Both are absolutely fantastic color! I love both ... I'd keep 'em, but you have to love them. Congrats though!