It's been a while...Anyone got your Dk red reissue from BG?


Jan 5, 2008
I've been waitlisting for my dk red reissue 226 like forever! But the SA still told me it was not there yet. We are already looking forward to the pre-fall styles. How come BG still has delay in this color?? My faith began to shake and can't help thinking maybe it was there but SA sold it to other people? Should I give up or keep waiting??!:crybaby:


Feb 27, 2008
I understand your feeling :hysteric: I have placed a 50% deposit almost a month back for a 228 DS reissue and I am still waiting for it. My SA has actually told me that I will receive the bag somewhere in April. Still, I am feeling up and down wondering whether she could have given the bag to a more important VIP than I am :Push: Haha, I think I trust my SA. However, just like you said, Chanel's pre-fall reisuues are on their way soon and we sre still waiting for the S/S reissues whereby most of the tpfers are doing their reissues good...... Keep us posted when you receive yours. Ciao.


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Jun 24, 2007
Chanel Land
I totally and absolutely understand how you two feel. :yes: I was supposed to be the first on a waitlist in a NM waiting list for a medium size red metallic. Never got the call. :hysteric: I am also on the waitlist in one of the boutiques in Hawaii but at least the SA there is decent enough to advise me that my chance of getting one is VERY SLIM because the list is VERY LONG.

Then my luck strikes and I got a call from Hawaii last week!! :yahoo: And hopefully this bag which I have been waiting for so long will finally be with me. So I would say give BG a call and ask again and again when you will receive the bag. Sometimes they have customers holding the bags forever and ever and ever and the SAs may not want to release them just in case these crazy customers turn up and ask for the bags (and for all we know, these crazy customers spend $$$$$$$$$ per season and so the SAs may feel that they are obliged to hold the bags for these $$$$$$$$ customers). I am sure if you sound desperate enough on the phone (like me...:sweatdrop:), they might just release the bag and sell it to you.

I honestly believe that there are still some red metallic bags floating around in the boutiques and NMs. And as the frenzy for red metallic slowly fades, we, who really want to have the reds, will eventually get one.

So keep calling and keep looking. :woohoo: