Its Been A Pretty Blue Day Around Here!! REVEAL!!

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  1. I always thought that Audrey was just too big for me...that is until I tried one on at the Coach store last week and then I knew I had blown it by not getting the periwinkle blue one as its one of my all time favorite colors!!

    And what did I find today at the outlet??:yahoo::yahoo: Yep Audrey and her matching friends!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts: I am soooo in love!!! :biggrin:

  2. Wow! That is so pretty!! Bag twins! :ghi5: I love that scarf with the bag!!
  3. What a gorgeous set! That scarf is perfect!
  4. Be still my heart... that is a lot of periwinkle! Congrats on all the lovelies! *jealous* lol Is that the slim envelope wallet? I really love it, but I just don't carry that many cards. Modeling shots, pretty please? ^_^
  5. stunning stunning and may i say again stunning!
  6. Beautiful set!! It was there waiting for you.
  7. What a pretty set! The scarf is so cute! I love periwinkle! I have not seen this bag in person. In all the pictures I've seen, it looks really blue. IRL does it have that hint of purple like true periwinkle does?
  8. OMG!! :love:
    Congrats! =)
  9. Wow. Beautiful. I am so glad you got this bag in the color you wanted.
  10. Congrat's that is a Beautiful set, enjoy..
  11. :woohoo:
  12. Thanks so much ladies for all your nice comments!! So much fun to have others who get it to share with!!:biggrin:
  13. Hmmmm....I don't know that it really does have a hint of purple....its like a denim blue to me..not sure I was very helpful!!
  14. I think it is....but I am not totally sure! I normally only like zip around wallets, however I do like this one as its slim I guess it dosen't do that bulging thing that I so dislike about a lot of wallets!
  15. Wow, what a gorgeous gorgeous set, congrats!! Gotta love the outlets. Boy, what an exciting day, it sure is HG day around here ... maybe I should have hit the outlet today, lol.
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