It's been a good purse shopping week

  1. It's been awhile since my last purse purchase. Then the shopping bug just hit. Can you tell I am not really brand loyal? I just get whatever looks good to me and here is the mix. Coach Rose Legacy, LeSportsac Panda Pouch, LV Damier Azur Speedy, Chanel Black PST, Chanel Pink Card Case. I think that's good for now. ;)
  2. Good week indeed! Wow!:drool:
  3. Hehe, yes, thanx!
  4. That rose Coach is TDF!!!
  5. I LOVE the Chanel PST! Great choices!
  6. wow awesome choices and I too would what a week!

    I would say you are pretty set now...or at least until next week!
  7. That's heck of a week! Good job :yes:
  8. Ye, great week for you! :tup:
  9. Love your stuff! Congrats!
  10. LOVEEE the Chanel and LV!!!
  11. Wow, what a week!

    I did not know that a Coach Rose Ali existed! WOW!!
  12. WOW!!! That is a nice collection for one weekend!!

  13. WOW! You have excellent taste:drool:
  14. WOW is right ... congrats! I'm not completely brand loyal either ... there's too many awesome bags from different designers to stick with just one!
  15. Love your diverse collection. The LV and the chanel are fabulous and I also love the Coach (haven't bought from them in a while - guess I should start looking at Coach again). The rose color is gorgeous!