It's been 39 days and 38 nights ...

  1. ... of DRY SPELL!! Hermes dry spell, I mean.

    Argh, how do you ladies do it? How do you ladies not buy something for an extended period of time? I feel like something is missing if I don't at least call my store like once a week or something. Help~~ Must ... not ... buy ... must ... resist ... *falls over*

  2. kou...........!!! I have the same problem. It is so hard to pass that many days without buying Hemres item. You are not the only one...:yes:
  3. We need to form a support group for those of us who are on Hermes dry spell. I'm trying sooo hard not to splurge on something else right now. I need my fix badly ...
  4. I already did a HUGE splurge at Tiffany very recently...for my graduation gift+ 6yrs. annyversay+new job congrat-gift...we dropped about $100,000 at Tiffany...AND I am thinking about going to Hermes in next couple of weeks..:crybaby: I always say to my DH 'To just see what they have...window shopping..' Yeh, right! NEVER happens that way...:upsidedown:
  5. ^ HOLY SHMOLY!!! What on earth did you get? Congrats, sweety!

    Kou, you know my vote. Break than ban and get the fuchsia ostrich from AU!
  6. WOW!! :nuts: You lucky girl, care to share what you got?:graucho: Congrats to you:yahoo:

    Kou, I know what you mean. I want to go to SF so bad and look at scarves and pochettes. I bought a pochette a couple of weeks ago and I'm dying to get another. Need... to... go... tomorrow...:yes:
  7. I was only going to get a pocket square last weekend to get me through but shopping with two enablers (Shopmom and DH) is dangerous so I got a big scarf too! :lol: But it didn't I'm itching for a bag even more!!!:shame:
  8. ASPENMARTIAL~! you did major damage! that's a share to buy a smalltime energy company!

    what did you get???? ms.nosy here......
  9. i dunno. i just go whenever the urge strikes me... like today. yay!
  10. Wow, aspenmartial, what did you get? Spill! Spill!

    Kou -- count me in for the support group. I've already bought a couple of bags. I've been needing to sit on my hands to stop myself from getting any more H before next month when I see what's in stock at 24 Faubourg.

    Of course, that results in my always feeling simultaneously :yahoo:/:wlae: and :hysteric:/:hrmm:...

    Ladies, I need a hobby.

    (I mean another one, that doesn't involve Hermes bags and credit cards.)

    (At least for a while. :sneaky: )
  11. I don't even want to tell dh that I'm starting a scarf collection, lol. I saw a beautiful scarf called "Soiree de Gala" on ebay and I want to go to the boutique to see it irl:nuts:
  12. Thanks,guys! okay... what I got is...another pear shape solitaire ring from Tiffany...! Of course bigger than what I already had:graucho:..I am SOOO addicted to pear shape diamonds! I just love the shape. I had an emotional attachment to my old one. So, I could not trade in to get the bigger one. My DH had to buy the whole new ring again:P ...I know it's little crazy...

    My dream ring is 7.5 carat pear shape Tiffany solitaire ring...which was $410,000 when I saw it!!!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: It looked SOOOO gorgeous on my finger. I had a hard time taking it off from my finger...:crybaby: Maybe for 10th anniversay...?:graucho:
  13. Gina, dh just mention that maybe I need to go back to my other hobbies which don't cost as much, lol. I told him I will just as soon as I get my dream bag, fuchsia Kelly, hehehe:graucho:
  14. go get it gurl. if it touches your heart, then you should do it.
    congrats aspen. that must have been a great shopping spree.
  15. A fuschia Kelly -- now that is a gorgeous dream bag!

    If only we could come up with hobbies that might help us buy our own H bags... like diamond-mining, for example. Anyone know any diamond mines up for sale in South Africa? ;)