It's been 3 weeks...

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  1. I won a fossil bag back on the 16th of november and I paid right away because i was sooo excited!
    It's not comming:sad:
    It's been 3 weeks and I've tried contacting seller twice
    and both times, she didn't respond at all.
    How much more should I wait until I file a claim?
    I'm pretty new to ebay and I don't even know "how" to file a claim
    going nuts on this!
    am I too impatient?
  2. If the seller hasn't responded, you can file a claim now. 3 weeks with no communication & no item isn't good :sad:

    I hope everything works out!
  3. hchung9537, any news yet??
  4. File that claim NOW, you have a time limit with which to do that, so try and do that today!
  5. Yes, claim time. Im dealing with the same issue right now. Good luck to ya!
  6. She should've at least emailed you back. How many times did you say you tried to contact her?
  7. I've tried 3 times now. still no answer.. gah..
    so I'm trying to file a paypal buyer protection claim?
    I'm clueless right now. How do you exactly do that?
  8. You can file a dispute by logging into your Paypal account, and clicking on the Resolution Center tab at the top. Then you click Open a Dispute!Good luck, and don't be afraid! We're all here for you!
  9. If you paid by credit card, call up your credit card company RIGHT AWAY to reverse charge. This is the one sure way you can get ALL of your money back relatively quickly.

    Paypal claims are limited to $175 refund. Shipping charge is not refunable.
  10. If you haven't already, click on HELP on any eBay page and type in item not received, it'll walk you through. . .
    do it now, don't wait.
  11. Thank you soo much everyone!!:love:
    I opened a dispute in Paypal Resolution Center
    whew. waiting for the reply. Hope this will be over soon!
    I'll keep you guys updated
    thanks again!
  12. It's one thing to open a dispute with Paypal. They apparently changed their policy. Their resolution center sucks!!! I have one open issue with a seller who did not ship my item too. And if you read carefully, when you open the dispute, it is just to try to communicate with the seller. If he or she doesn't reply and you want to escalate to a claim with Paypal, they will charge you $25 fee if you won the claim. That is NOT RIGTH!!! They try to rip off sellers and buyers now!!!
    Anyway, I keep trying to communicate with the seller and in a few days, will start a chargeback with my Credit Card company (I hate to do that) I would recommend the same thing to you... Do a chargeback.
    It doesn't sound right to not answer emails nor ship the item.
    Good luck!
  13. I can send the item as soon as possible; HOWEVER, since paypal has now frozen the money associated with this transaction, I must REFUND you the money and then you must REPAY. We can do this all very quickly in order for me to ship tomorrow; however, I will not ship the item out without the funds. If you do not understand this please call me at 940.735.2116 or give me your number and I will call you.

    that's what she said.
    I tried calling her and no one picks up:sad:
  14. This sounds very suspicious. How does she plan to refund you if (and accept your "repayment") if her account is frozen? Why is she suddenly able to ship tomorrow when she wasn't able to ship for 3 weeks after the auction initially ended?

    You did the right thing by filing a claim. Do not call her either, as there are phone scams out there too.

    Finally, I don't appreciate her tone ("If you do not understand this...."). SHE needs to understand how to be an honest eBayer :cursing: