It's baaaaaaaaaaaack...ggh 21!!!!

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  1. just got a call from, they are already selling the black giant gold 21 city! only over the phone for now it seems...SO EXCITED!!! can't wait to get it!! i have waited so long! :smile: :smile:
  2. Does anyone know if they will release the gold RH in the US? i've been waiting for this forever!
  3. Yes but its only a special edition. I think its not countinuous
  4. Yay i can feel your excitement !! I am so happy as well , hopefully they will change it to permanent collection :smile:
  5. Ordered a GGH work but I'm feeling like a city as well now... Hmmmmm.......
  6. i didnt find the works with GGH on website. Where did u ordered yours?
  7. you're right, but still exciting! i asked and the NY store if they would be restocking and they both said no :sad:. got it while it's hot!
  8. They are now up on the US bal site!
  9. omg you're right!! good eye!
  10. Mine was purchased from a boutique.
    I emailed Sebastien at Bal Cannes and he told me that the limited edition only includes city, parttime, and velo. So I guess my work may be from older stocks. For anyone who might be interested, Bal Paris still has G21GH and Bal Cannes is already sold out.
  11. OMG... looks like the Purple coloured ones are mostly sold out :sad:
    Love the colour!!!
  12. I ordered one!
  13. So, I just bought my LE Black Classic Gold HW City. I scoured all the US Bal stores for their most distressed bags and there were FOUR other beautifully distressed bags that I couldn't buy so take a look at this thread with their pix and see if you may want one of them. The bal store and SA's name is attached to each bag's photo.

    Each bag has the store and SA's name on it.

    LE Gold Classic HW Black Citys - Super Distressed!
  14. the leather on GGH, looks thicker?
    anyone notice the leather difference from other bags?
    Like or no like?