It's authentic you know, bet you don't see this everyday!

  1. So recently I was helping a girl about my age find a band for her watch. I saw right off the bat it was a bad FAKE Coach watch, really bad shape, very worn with gross sticky stuff on the crystal. But sadly I see a lot of fakes come through to me this wasn't really a big deal.

    So I make small talk and help her find a nice band for it. We clean it up, give it back to her. She sits back to admire it, and she says to me what do you think? I smile and say the new band really did wonders (well, it did!). She then says, "It's authentic you know, bet you don't see watches like this everyday!"


    So she leaves and I go into the back. My boss had heard what she said and tells me I should have shown her my Coach collection I had in the back so she could see some real Coach. :graucho: And he's usually the first one to tell me not to waste my money on Coach things! I never tell a customer that their watch is fake, but for a small bad moment I was very tempted. So that's my fake Coach experience I've had lately, I just wanted to share with all you wonderful ladies.
  2. OH I soooo would not have been able to keep my mouth shut... especially after the "I bet you don't see watches like this every day" comment.
  3. lol I woulda bit my lip there, poor dilusional girl. ;)
  4. well, she obviously loves her watch and is proud of it. possibly it was an older watch that just looked like it was fake? casue it was older?

  5. Awww, how sweet are you, OMG, I admired and respect you for doing that. I probably would of said something too, like "Oh Dear, actually I do see these fake watches everyday, I wonder where do these people get them from?, Just kidding, perhaps it wa authentic but super super old and thats why she said is hard to see one of those very often, who knows . :flowers: to you
  6. Well it sounds like she was proud of it.. for all we know she *thinks* it's real and is really proud of it.. maybe it is one of her few posessions like that.. I think it's kind of sad to make fun of people like that.. sorry!! :tdown:
  7. Maybe she doesn't know it is fake, maybe she does. Not really the issue though from what I can see. Her comment to the "sales lady" was "I bet you don't see watches like this everyday" Seemed kinda snotty to me. Even if it was the real deal. Just my two cents.
  8. Yes, I totally agree. Her comment was in poor taste regardless of the authenticity of her watch. :rolleyes:
  9. Well, I guess I'm in the minority here. In this situation, I would have gently told the girl that in my opinion, the watch was not authentic. If I just saw someone out and about, I would not go up to her and say anything (like the girl I saw at a Marshall's who had a very strange looking Louis Vuitton -- I didn't know they made nylon bags?). However, by coming in to a store and getting a service of a sort, that's different. By not saying anything, this just encourages the people who will tote around a fake, and then brag to people that not even the people at XXX store could tell it was fake!

    I know that if I took a fake in somewhere, I would like to be told that it was a fake. If I was bold enough to knowingly take a fake in, then I would deserve to be embarrassed, and if I didn't know, I'd like to be enlightened. If I had received it as a gift, I would definitely not be happy with the giver, but I wouldn't want to be a chump, either. I know it's petty, but I'd be pissed if I gave a friend a nice gift and found I had been given a piece of junk in return. And as for it coming from my DH -- well, he knows better. :yes:
  10. well im glad you were calm...its so hard when customers come in and are all proud of their "Coach" bag and its fake im like ya no....its so hard for me to be like NO your bag is FAKE
  11. Oh no, it was 100% fake. It was obvious from looking at it because the paint that filled in the engraved Coach on it was rubbed off, but when flipped over it said China with no Coach logo stamped, and then later on the jeweller/watchmaker could tell because the works inside were China made as well. Have you ever seen a Coach purse and be able to tell that it was a poor imitation? This was like that. Even the weight in your hand and the metal was very off.

    And Toto Too, unfortunately we have a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy at our store. Unless the customer asks us, or if a repair cannot be done to it being a fake, we don't tell the customer. People get very upset sometimes when told their watch is a fake, and can become confrontational / upset. In the first year I started working there a woman came in to see if her diamond wedding ring was real. It wasn't. She was in tears over the fact that her husband had lied to her for over 20 years. So telling people their watches are fake can sometimes be very tricky to handle.

    And Fieldsinspring, it wasn't my intention to mock her for being proud of her watch, but her attitude I had issue with! She was very much like trying to say it in a way that says look how good my watch is! Better than anything in here! I didn't mention this but when she first came in she says I see you are hiring, how much do YOU make? I deflected the question and then later on school came up and she says YOU go there too? Definetly in a "better than you" kind of way. Sorry, I was just focusing on the Coach issue where I talked to her but I can see how it can be seen that way too. But that was not my intention at all!

    But funny story, when I first met my sweet boyfriend he wore a fake Breitling! It had been a gift from his ex-girlfriend. So after a month of dating he asked me if his watch was real and I admit I had a tiny bit of satisfaction telling him it was fake. :p After that he took it off and has been wearing a good Seiko that's he loves! And he wears his "Freitling" when he's out in the yard.
  12. Oy, that bothers me, in my experience, it's the people with the fake pieces who are the most vocal about authenticity.
    But kudos for not saying anything, I bet it was hard not to.

  14. Agreed.

    But you definitely handled it better than I would have either way, whether fake watch or snooty face has a tendency to give away my true emotions whether I say anything or not.

  15. I've been working in sales for over 3 years now, so I like to think I have "grace under fire", so to say. ;) 98% of the people who come in are nice people who I can make small talk with. Then there is the 2% that make me never want to work in sales every again!