It's August! Post your Chanel Enthusiasts Purchases!

  1. Summer is here, Act 1 in full swing and Act 2 coming soon. Call to action for all Chanel enthusiasts to post all the ovely purchases you've made in between visits to the beach with your Chanel beach towels :lol:

    I'll kick this off with my latest addition from 17B today. Pink crystals coco Lucky clover brooch and some of her new friends. :hbeat:
    IMG_5973.jpg tag.jpg IMG_5988.jpg IMG_6007.jpg
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  2. What a special sparkly beauty!! Lovely to see all of your beauties together! :hbeat:
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  3. Your brooch collection
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  4. Got this tote over the weekend. Really like the separate compartments and light weight. Great everyday bag! IMG_1501641317.194661.jpg
  5. Love your new brooch!
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  6. what a lovely start to this thread. congrats!
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  7. Gorgeous Tote!!! so many have recently gotten this tote and loved it! :heart:
  8. Thank you so much! a sparkly start to the month!!! It's going to be so exciting!!!! :smile:
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    Thanks out for letting me share...just got my black caviar mini square which I have been waiting for around six months, thanks my lovely SA... lucky that the bag she kept for me was in very good quality.. and I just can't stop my eyes on the necklace and ring the other day I visited the shop again
    FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_7300.JPG
  10. Thanks guys!!! :wave:
  11. What a bling way to start off this new thread! Love seeing your brooch collection together- twinsies on 4 of them with you :smile:
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  12. Wow how are we in August already! I don't plan on anymore chanel purchases this year so will have to live vicariously through tpf! Congrats on everyone's purchases, looking forward to more droolworthy goodies
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  13. finally i can join with my first chanel handbag/purchase.. flap bag jumbo.. i´m sooooo in love and she is soooo perfect.. the caviar leather is shinier and the chain is less noisier than I thought .. I can´t wait till I can use her today afer work :smile:
    IMG_1501620606.470389.jpg IMG_1501620618.970701.jpg IMG_1501621485.332422.jpg IMG_1501621497.146415.jpg
  14. Congratulations on your new beauty, you have such a beautiful collection of brooches!
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  15. Beautiful tote, congrats!
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