It's arrived!

  1. Ok so I have never rushed home so quickly from work!
    Just opened my beautifully boxed rocco in black with Rose gold ( eeek)
    As soon as I figure out how I will be posting pic's. I luv her even more in person. Took a risk ordering the bag only seen pics on here and in mags and she is sooo beautiful. Bit scared to take it out and about, will have to wait for a sunny day ( which could be a while here lol ) !!

    This is my first official designer bag that I have purchased myself and Im lovin it. Took ages for me to find one here in uk, and on tues afternoon just went browsing on Harvey Nichols and there she was , it was meant to be lol.

    Hope everyone has a beautiful day !
  2. I can't wait to see photos, let us know if you need help posting photos :smile:
  3. Congrats lulu:heart: It sounds gorgeous and I can't wait to see your pics! So happy you decided on an AW for your first foray into the designer bag world:flowers:
  4. These were the best i could do at the min, hopefully will post a pic with an outfit at the weekend ;) More beautiful in real life !!! Still cant believe its rose gold , goes perfectly with my watch lol x x
    rocco.JPG rocco 2.JPG
  5. Oh I wish I had got the RG instead of the pale gold, your lucky to have found one.....congrats
  6. Congratulations!!!

    Of all the Rocco colors I've owned, this style rose gold/ black combo is this most elegant and striking rocco I've owned.
    I never thought I could love any rocco more than my brass, but this one has completely stolen my heart.:love::hbeat:
  7. Can't wait to see it!
  8. Shouldn't your two threads be one thread?
  9. Ooooo I never knew Rose Gold existed? lol where have i been?
  10. :drool: wow I'm in love I really really want to add on of these in my collection. Congrats enjoy your lovely bag :hbeat:
  11. Congrats! ITs beautiful!
  12. Very nice!
  13. gorgeous! love this combo!
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    Congrats, Lulu86! I just purchased mine (same combo) a few days ago and I'm head over heels for it. It's beyond gorgeous! I think the Diego is next for me.

  15. Gorgeous! Congrats!