it's arrived!!!


Jan 26, 2006
I got home last night and a package was waiting with my doorman.

I am so happy I decided to go ahead - thanks everyone for your encouragement.

The bag is even more beautiful in person. It's the most gorgeous leather and has a bright purple lining with all sorts of pockets inside - 2 phone pockets - 2 zip pockets, places to stick pens, a key ring - finally someone has thought about all that junk us women carry around with us at the office!!!!

I am so excited! I've been using it this morning and getting lots of admiring looks at the office.:biggrin:

I tried to take pictures last night but they were too dark. I'll try again and post them.

but here's a link to it. tote

Finally the perfect office bag - yeah! And it doesn't look like a briefcase!!!