It's APRIL for cryin out loud!!

  1. And there is SNOW on the ground!! It looks like a couple inches at least, plus it is still snowing!!! Now youse Northerners might be thinking "Big whoop" but I am in VIRGINIA people!! It was in the high 80s three days ago and I was working on my tan!!!

    What the HECK is going on here?? Is the world ending, or something???

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. OMG me too! I am in Indiana....and there is freakin' snow on the ground. 2 days ago it was 76 and now it is 30. I have come to the conclusion that this place is hell on earth and I must figure out a way to get back to California!
  3. I hate this weather. I'm in NC so we didn't see any accumulation, but we had some flurries overnight. It was 80 degrees here up until Wednesday. Now I have to be outside for work all day today, and it won't be above 50! :sad:
  4. I hate it. Absoluely hate it.
  5. Sorry to rub it in, but here in the UK, its a warm and sunny spring day.....not a drop of rain (or snow) in sight :yahoo:
  6. ^Enjoy your weather in the UK...when I lived there (for 4 years) it would switch daily!! SO ENJOY!! On another note..I know its not comforting really...but I live in Florida and its unusually cold at the moment! WEIRD...I hope its not some kind of secret to an upcoming bad hurricane season...if so Im going to the UK. lol
  7. I came back to Michigan from Spring Break yesterday, only to be greeted with three inches. :wtf:

    SOO not fair.
  8. It snowed all day here! I hate it!
  9. We've gotten more than two feet of snow since Wednesday. On Tuesday we had absolutely no snow. Then we were under a Winter Storm Warning, which switched to a Blizzard (!) Warning, and now we're back to a Winter Storm Warning until tomorrow. The snow and wind just haven't stopped in days. Our university was closed two days in a row, which is basically unheard of.

    The only good thing is that it brought us some much needed moisture, since we had such a mild winter. And it lowered the fire risk in the area. Oh, and I'm just glad that it is April, since we know it won't stick around. I hate getting these big storms in December, and knowing we still have to look at it for several months.
  10. Okay, so I know some of you don't get much snow (or any snow) or think that just a few inches is a lot, so I thought I'd post some pictures I just took this morning. Keep in mind that we had absolutely no snow just a few days ago.

    I took this one of our back porch:

    This one I took standing on the front porch:

    And keep in mind that this one is of the road! And it was pretty well plowed just last night:
  11. I love it but the flowers and blooming trees didn't look too happy:smile: .



  12. I am so sorry for you guys, I so couldn't deal.
  13. I hear ya! Still cold here and supposed to snow. Sigh. . .
  14. There is no spring! I bet it gets really hot next week.
  15. I just HATE looking at those pics of the flowers covered in snow! That's just wrong!

    I've been feeling the chill too... It's been under 20 degrees for days here, and not to mention the WIND!