its anyone else...

  1. sick and tired of seeing fakes? :cursing: i mean, im tired of everyone asking if mine are real! OF COURSE THEY ARE! i mean seriously, if you go to some of the places in ny, buying a fake is like 20$ less than buying a real one! just take the chance and get something that is actually legal. i am so sick of going into my school with a new bag and getting "oh is that real?" cause if you go to my school there are sooooo many fakes. GRRRRR!
  2. I find it amusing, i like looking at crowds and going "fake....real.....fake...fake....real-cute!......fake"
    people always ask are those real? well duh lol i wouldn't buy a fake coach, with the money fakes cost you could just buy real ones for a little more, and then they aren't cheap nor are they going to fall apart:smile:
  3. You know what's funny...I didn't realize how popular coach was.

    I did...but then, I didn't.

    I didn't really get into the spotting fakes game until I started reading here.

    I still don't get too heavily into it because some styles I'm unfamiliar with and it gives me a headache.

    I also seem to carry styles which are less faked (I guess?) I was the only one out yesterday with an Andrea. Not that my area's shoppes represent the whole world...but I like not seeing my bag on everyone.

    Many many many women carry the signature stuff. I think that's why I don't like it as much. I tend to go for the leather bags as most times they are easier to care for and don't have the color transfer, etc.

    Most people I know don't ask me if my bag is real, 'cause they know me. Some of them at work call me Purse Queen. :wlae: One chick came into work (an EVS worker) shilling Fauxch's. My girl (pretty close friend) calls to me and asks if she should get it. I looked at her like :push:.:cursing:

    And it was OBVIOUS and CHEAP and BAD and UGLY and it pissed me off. The housekeeper was just trying to make some money though.:sad:
    She knew they were fakes, but she's probably never had the privilege of having a real one and feeling, seeing, knowing the difference.

    Anyway...though my friend makes money and I do mean money...she's reticent to part with the real coach money. Go figure.

    So we're arranging a trip out to the Factory store so she can get her hands on the real deal, worthy to be carried.
  4. I always hate it when people ask if I know about purse parties. Blech!:throwup:
  5. yeah :push:

    I had to inform someone I know that the "D&G" purse she bought at a purse party was more then likely fake :crybaby:

    she paid 65$ for it :yucky:

    But back to Coach ;)

    I have been lately finding myself especially at work checking out the bags and the other day out of the 15-20 coach bags that I was about 5-6 of them were BAD fakes :push:
    Im glad I was carrying my free with makeup bag that I got for when it looks like its going to rain Instead of my pink coach ive been carrying lately or I would have felt bad because its sits right by the register where anyone can see it (but cant get too it ;)) :graucho:
  6. I think it's a pretty safe bet that most, if not all, of us are tired of fakes. I will never understand how one person can ask another person, "Is that real?" about a handbag. It seems like such a forward, and dangerous, question to me. You could seriously insult someone by asking that.

  7. I do that too!!
  8. Ugh... I just saw a girl earlier wearing a black signature Legacy Shoulder bag... and it looked real from a distance. When I came up close, I saw the fake tag and was like :wtf:

    I even saw a cart selling fake bags, about 500 feet from the boutique. They had fake signature and leather Carlys!! They were loaded with people looking at them and trying them on!! :yucky:
  9. Most of the stuff I see around here is actually real although I did see a fake last night at a restaurant and had to point it out to my DH who just rolled his eyes - at me, not the fake.