It's an Evelyn Epidemic!!! Outbreak! Outbreak! Everybody ruuunnnn!!!!!!!

  1. Shopalot is a trouble maker! On my way to pick up my mothers bag from Claude I stopped in as I promised myself and asked to see all the Evelyn's in the house! There were so many to choose from. I had alot of fun modling the bags and the SA helping me (my SA was not in today) had a great time modling them himself. He looked so hot trying on the bags,... gosh! If only he was straight,. don't tell DH I said that! HG, you should know exactly who I'm talking about immiediatly. Well after all the fun we had I finally choose the bag to go home with! I also picked-up a Jungle Love scarf in the white background (which I wore right out the store) and a Carmencita in Rose Shocking.

    Evelyn Pm in clemence leather and PH! :love:
  2. Oh Baggs!!!!:drool: :drool: :love: :love: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's just making want one even more. AARRGGGHHH!!! I can't wait anymore, but i somehow must be patient. The scarf is sooooooo beautiful!! Me LOVES!!!!
  3. Gorgeous bag and love how you paired her with the fruit keychain! Love the Jungle Love scarf as well--I've got its twin waiting for me in SF!
  4. Fantastic COLOR!! I was hoping someone would get white!! I love the rasberry dangling from it! The scarf is VERY fashionable!!

    YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS BAG!! Congratulations, and can't wait to see you model her!:yahoo:
  5. I am so getting one of these this week..LOLOLOL!
    LOVE IT! Congrats!
  6. WOW...White HOT!!! Love it!! Congrats!!!!

    I think there is an "E"pidemic!!!

    Enjoy struting it in 2007!!!
  7. Oh she is beautiful!! I am so :drool: right now.
  8. ^^I will, I will!!! I don't know why I waited so long to get an E bag. I think I will purchase one on BJ in the near future. This bag is so practical!
  9. Very nice!!! Congratulations Baggs!
  10. congrats on the evelyn!!!!

    I LOVE that scarf . . . I have been eyeing it for a while
  11. Here is a picture of the Garden Party my husband purchased as a christmas girft for me. I love this one. It's the med size GP.
  12. Love all your goodies!!!
  13. Both bags are gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations on your beautiful purchases!:nuts: sounds like you had alot of fun :drinkup:
    p.s. is the scarf silk or cashmere?
  15. Good for you! IT IS WHITE HOT!!!