It's an auction, if I had a BIN price in mind I would have listed it!

  1. Don't you just get annoyed with people who email you to ask if you have a BIN price on an auction? Duh, that's why it's an auction - if I had a BIN I'd add it! I've had 3 people contact me tonight already. *SIGH*
  2. HAHA! uggg that's annoying. Sorry you have to deal with those absentminded ebayers! Beware of shady side deal offers!
  3. This one person has just offered a ridiculous price - I'd rather take my chance on the auction.

    Why can't people just play by the rules? I'd forgotten how much I hate ebaying :nogood:
  4. It's SOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING! :cursing:

    I love it when I have both a starting bid and a BIN price and I still get people making me offers. I always want to respond to them telling them to PLACE A BID! That's what an auction is, you know? :cursing:
  5. Of course, some sellers say, on their auctions; 'If you have a BIN price in mind, please contact me!', so maybe that gives some buyers the idea that all sellers feel that way? :shrugs:
  6. It's annoying, but they try it because sometimes it works. I've seen many auctions end because the item was "no longer available" and you know somebody contacted the seller and arranged a sale.
  7. I don't have a problem with it, and the occasional seller that I've contacted has been nice about it. In fact, a seller was able to list an auction just for me in a BIN- a sale that wouldn't have happened if he/she were really upset about my inquiry.

    As long as you're polite, why not?

    And as a seller, if there's someone interested, I'm willing to entertain offers.
  8. I have contacted sellers about BIN's on things I've really wanted because I've lost too many auctions to others who have asked the seller for a BIN. Now I'd rather ask and hear "no" then not ask and have them sell it to someone else.

    As a seller I will usually consider adding a BIN as long as there's no bids or reserve hasn't been met so it's fairer to others. If I don't like their offer, I politely decline. Hey, at least they're interested in my item.

    If you want people to stop asking, I'd put it in bold red print that you will not end an auction early.
  9. Yup, a bag I listed recently had a BIN option and the regular auction style. If I wanted to accept Best Offers, I would've added that option too...but nope...the same person decided to keep messaging and messaging me about accepting her offer, even after I clearly said NO in one of my last responses....
  10. Yeah, I have gotten those before...there are times when I don't mind, but I would usually rather let the auction end with bidding.
  11. I normally don't mind. In fact, as a seller, I write "If you would like a BIN price, please contact me. If we can agree on a price that is fair to both of us, I will add the BIN option." I always have lots of buyers send me BIN offers, and have ended lots of items this way (mostly at prices ABOVE what I was expecting)! That way I don't have to wait the bidding out, and the buyer gets the item faster. I did get one lady the other day write me about my dress and say "How about you let me take this dress off your hands for $10? You said you take buy it now, and that's the price I want." HOW RUDE! Those kind I don't even respond to!

    As a buyer, I've gotten some pretty good deals by asking for BIN. I used to hate doing it, but I realized other people weren't scared to ask and were getting better items and deals than me! Now I figure the worst the seller can say is no. Of course if they specifically say "I DO NOT ADD BUY IT NOW!" or something like that in their auction, I won't ask!
  12. I had similar experiences. I ended one early because buyer didn't want to wait 9 more days for it to end and it was meant to be a birthday gift.
  13. I don't see the big deal. Many times I have contacted a seller and they added a BIN for me. Quick sale for the seller, easy purchase for me.
  14. HAHAHAHA!!! It was probably ME!!! Guilty as charged!!!! :rolleyes: Best way to avoid it is to pay the 25 cents and put in a high BIN - No questions. If somebody BIN at the high BIN price, Yay for you!!!
  15. When I use the auction format, I get asked that often. When I use BIN, usually no one uses it. Go figure.