It's amazing how your perception of size can change

  1. You have all heard me whine, gripe, cry and complain about loving my gorgeous ink twiggy but feeling like it was way too big. I have been waiting for my one-month membership date so I could list it in the marketplace. Well, in the meantime, I bought a new LV Batignolles Horizontal. It is a very large bag, but the size didn't seem like a concern the way the twiggy did. Well I loaded the batignolles up with stuff and carried it a few days. Then decided to switch to the ink twiggy for just a few hours because it matched my outfit. Well....I filled it up! All the stuff from my LV fit in there and it didn't seem so big anymore!

    Am I driving you all crazy with my schizo can't-make-a-decision nonsense? *LOL* Bottom line...I'm keeping my ink twiggy (that's my decision for today*L*.) That leather is just too heavenly, and now the size works for me as well. I keep adding more junk to my bag every time I go slightly larger.

    I posted this basically for anyone who is not sure about the size of their new bag. Your whole perception can change unexpectedly. If I had sold my ink twiggy before I figured this out....ohhhh, the regrets I'd have had!!
  2. Glad you decided to keep your Ink. I adore mine!
  3. Glad you have decided to love your b-bag!
  4. Good decision!
  5. This is interesting because I've been hesitant to keep my work/office and it's a size issue. Hmmm.
  6. I've not seen an ink in person, but it seems to have a different colour in all the different pics I've seen. Is that just variation from bag to bag, or do these bags have that sort of dye job that changes in the light?
  7. ^^ the ink color is like chameleon, as somebody in the PF put it. I freaked out my BF when I showed it to him at home because it looks black and I had to swear left and right that it's not black (I do not need another black purse lol). Then the next day as he was driving me, he saw the bag again and he freaked out again as it looks blue with some purple undertones :biggrin:

    edit: LoriB, I'm glad to hear your decision! It's a fabulous bag, congrats!!
  8. The first time I saw the ink, I thought it was black. Then I thought it was purple. Then it started to look blue. It just keeps changing...
  9. I am so in love with the color ink. It allows me to be wild and subdued all at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. It probably makes sense to other ink owners.