It's amazing how fast the Azur speedies sell out!

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  1. This morning someone posted that Elux has Azur speedies (25 and 30)....well, lo and behold they're GONE AGAIN!!!! :yes: Amazing!
  2. ^you know what is weird too is that besides mine, I have yet to see ANYONE carrying one!

    You would think that if they were that popular they would be everywhere!
  3. What???:confused1:
  4. but im on elux right now and i see some azur speedys ... lol
  5. I see 5 speedies on elux....:shame: :s
  6. At our local store, everything's there...:yes:

    TBH, I didn't really like the look of the "azur" (why that name? The color's a grayish purple:confused1:).

    Are you looking for one? Good luck!:flowers:
  7. Did anyone notice if there had been a 30? I'd rather use ****** than get waitlisted again at the store.
  8. Good luck to you. Also btw, ****** has 5% off this Friday plus free s/h with the promo code GOLD. I'm waiting to buy a LV wallet for my brother.
  9. They have some on Eluxury right now.
  10. Named after the famous beach in St. Tropez the Cote D'Azur??? I'm assuming???:confused1: :shrugs:
  11. I think it's because of the Côte d'Azur (turquoise coast) - I was there several times and you can see the most gorgeous blues and greens on the coastline... that's why I wondered... I thought the bags would be beige and turquoise. Maybe it's just a summery chic line and that is associated with the Côte d'Azur?
  12. That is strange because when I was on Elux this morning, they were there just like Lakersgyrl posted, then in the afternoon I checked again and they were gone, I swear!!! :shrugs: So now they're back again?? Hmmmm I wonder if they got two different shipments in today because they're so popular right now?! Well, I look forward to getting a speedy 25 (hopefully next month!).
  13. I was on the waitlist for one.. and they called me this morning.. and I'm like I already purchased and recieved it weeks ago!! Then I got an email confirmation saying that I ordered one this morning.. I nearly fell off my chair.. and I called Doug and he said it has been cancelled.

    I hope one of you gals get that 25!! :biggrin:
  14. elux only had 25 and now there's none anymore.:sad: I've never seen one held IRL except in the store. My local store is sold out on the speedies, too. Oh well. Patience is a virtue.:P
  15. I don't know if the stores here still have any right now either since I went nov 1st to get my speedy. I also have never seen anyone carrying one around yet...
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