It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Dee's bag?

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  1. Okay, I feel really stupid asking this, and if the actor's knew I was watching their show and thinking, "hmm..wonder what bag that is..." they'd probably die..Anyway, I love the show and I was watching Season 3 "The Gang Sells Out." When Dee is talking to "coffee shop girl" at the 50's rock cafe, asking her for a job, what Studded Leather Tote is she wearing?

    I've tried to find pics but I can' I guess someone who likes the show is going to have to help me. :shrugs:

    Thank you!
  2. I've never seen the show, (tho I am familiar w/ it) but I was wondering, is there anyway you can hunt down a clip of that episode's scene somewhere, and then freeze frame it to try and nab the pic? Or even get the clip somehow and we could watch it and look for the bag?

    Haha can you tell I know nothing about computers!

    I love totes and I love leather and I love studs so I would love to see the bag, hehe.
  3. I'll try. It's so hard to find!
  4. Bump ;)