It's also raining PURSEs - Magenta & Blueberry

  1. Love that blueberry but don't need a nother blue.
  2. wow.... I am in love with the Blueberry Purse...:love:... but too bad on a purseban~:sad:
  3. I bid on the Purse...hoping she will end it now for me so I can buy it and not wait till the end of the auction. Shes a Pfer too. LOVE the Magenta Purse.
  4. ooooh I love them both!!! I want that magenta purse... !
  5. Both gorgeous! Some lucky lady already got the blueberry, so pretty! Good luck everybody!

  6. Eeeks, it was me! As you all know I was so sad to sell my Blueberry First. I was thrilled to see this the color in the Purse style. :yahoo:
  7. The auction already ended and I hope you got it. If you did, congratulations:flowers:
  8. I did! Its all mine! woo hoo!:yahoo:
  9. Congratulatoins, it's so beautiful!!! So happy for you!

  10. yayyyyyyy for you....take good care of this baby!!!:yahoo: :heart:

  11. WOW :nuts: - CONGRATS to both of you: Donna and Amour 'N' :yahoo: !!!! Lucky girl Donna .... it's such a GORGEOUS bag - I still L:heart: VE the magenta :love: :yes: Enjoy it :flowers:
  12. Congrats Becca and Donna!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!

  13. WOW .... CONGRATS Becca :yahoo: !!! You lucky girl - - - enjoy it :love: :flowers: