It's Almost Time To Say Goodbye To The Summer Colors!! Shall We Have One Last Look?

  1. :crybaby: I am not ready, I mean I just got some of them! But alas, the seasons are a changing. So 3 more photos then they may have to go into hibernation! Deffinitely the Pirate can stay, and maybe the Magenta. I am not sure of the rest! Still undecided on the charms as well!

    Anyone else have pictures to send off their summer colors in style? :supacool:
    IMG_2866-1.jpg IMG_2869-1.jpg IMG_2901-1.jpg
  2. :nuts: :nuts: NICEEeeeee bags!!! Hehehe it's going to be summer for us Downunder:graucho:. And I use my bags all year round. BTW thanks for sharing the pics!:flowers:
  3. Nice.... I love that cross/skulls guy- what kind of bag is that? He is like a total shoe-in for Halloween...
  4. Could it be Isabella Fiore?
  5. :yes: Yes Nola is right! Isabella Fiore's Pirate Collection. They come in many shapes and sizes. From a large hobo called Audra to clutches and wallets. Compared to other designer's, not too expensive either. The wallets go for $175 and $185. The Jamie pictured in post #1 is $545. Then added below the clutch for $155 and the Kelly for $525. I got one at Nordstrom and the other two on ebay. They usually don't stay on the shelves long at the stores!
  6. That Pirate Collection would look awesome when I ride my Harley... Wish they made a backpack!!!

  7. The Jamie in post #1 has an adjustable strap so you can where the bag on your shoulder or across your body. Still may not work for the Haryey though!
  8. Aw are you still in California? I am (San Diego) and use my bright colored bags all year round!
  9. oh no!!!! they are so lovely
  10. Ahh yes, I can really feel it's going to be a hot summer as well, it's so warm today. It's such a shame I don't have any colourful bags like you Deana, I think I might need to invest in one :sneaky:
  11. love your collection!
  12. Me too because most of my coat and jackets are dark colors, plus San Diego winter is very mild..
  13. Summer hasn't even officially started for me, time to start buying something LV that is summery!
  14. Very very pretty! I live in cali everynow and then when we have a nice day in fall or winter I'd definitely whip out my spring bags! :love: lucky for us Cali girls huh? But fall is definitely on it's way up here in SF is was sooo gloomy yesterday! Btw, I looove Dana Point...I'd love to live in orange county one day...I love your beaches!!:flowers:
  15. hey nita! where in San Diego are you from? I'm from Chula Vista...just wondering...there are quite a few San Diegans here!