It's Almost Time To Say Goodbye To The Summer Colors!! Shall We Have One Last Look?

  1. :crybaby: I am not ready, I mean I just got them! But alas, the seasons are a changing. So 3 more photos then they may have to go into hibernation! Deffinitely the Pirate can stay, and maybe the Magenta. I am not sure of the rest! Still undecided on the charms as well!

    Anyone else have pictures to send off their summer colors in style? :supacool:
    IMG_2866-1.jpg IMG_2869-1.jpg IMG_2901-1.jpg
  2. how cute!!!

    adorable collection
  3. How cute Deana, love your "baby blue" and "baby pink"! Your collection is fabulous....roll on S/S 2007!!
  4. Beautiful photos -- I think you can wear the magenta and blue year round though.
  5. hmmm i think that you can have days off from black and dark colors in winter and wear your pastels...
  6. Baby blue w/ winter whites is a great combo! Don't put it away just quite yet!!!
  7. Oh where are the girls with the pretty turquoise and lilac bags? I want to see them one more time before fall!
    And I will take it from you guys, and keep the Magenta and Sky Blue out. Thank you!
  8. I use my pastel colored bags year round. My coat is baby blue and can't stand to not use them for months!

    My daughter would LOVE the pirate bag!! She is 12 and a HUGE fan of the whole pirate thing. She has been drooling over these bags but no way I am spending $500 on a bag for her!!
  9. I think Balenciaga bags are seasonless, n'est-ce pas? Magenta was released as a fall color, so were ice blue and calcaire; spring 06 gave us emerald and rouille... I have mostly caramels, but I use my rose and rouge theatre year round.
  10. Deana, that is one of the cutest collections I have ever seen!! I love all the colors! :love: :love:
    Here's my lilac city. I have been a bad Bbag mommy and have kept her in hiding for far too long! But I think it's time to take her out before the bad fall and winter weather really hits! Thank you for the reminder! :flowers:
  11. Not sure it's time to say good bye for hibernation:graucho: ....
    but here is the 2 sunny babies:yes:
    Emerauld and Cornflower:love:
    First Emerauld SS06.jpg First Cornflower SS06.jpg
  12. I don't want to say 'good bye' :crybaby: - I'll wear my bags also in fall sometimes :yes: !

    My hobos from '05: ice-blue, apple-green, bubblegum-pink
    Mini twiggy '05 turquoise
    Cities from '04: lilac and turquoise
    115-1576_IMG.JPG 115-1578_IMG.JPG
  13. Yeah, Balenciaga does not come with an expiration date! :smile:
  14. I too prefer fall colors in the fall.
    Actually, I'm not a big fan of the brights to begin with, so I suppose I'm wearing fall in the summer, ha!
  15. ...and Deana, your bags are so cute