It's almost SPRING.... So....

  1. for my Spring Break, I'm planning to go either to Hawaii or California seaside/Vegas... Anyway, I wan't to go someplace where there's beach and SUNSHINE (It's been SNOWING like a mad-man in Ohio, and my car had been stucked in the snow for a few times :cursing: )...

    Anyway, I am looking for a Garden Party... But one with vert-chertreuse/vert-anis (anything light green) leather with toile (or anything with sand color canvas)... to tote to the beach :graucho:

    Has anyone seen it with that combination? I need someone here to find one for me, as I talked to my SAs and they somehow never seen it with that color combination.

    I've been dreaming a GP like that one... Someone please helppppppp... :crybaby:

  2. Amanda has the vert anis GPT! It's absolutely gorgeous by the way. I think you might be able to find a picture of Amanda using her GPT in the Hermes in Action thread.
  3. T, your garden party is such a beauty! how often do you carry it?
  4. P, the GPT is my most often-toted H bag. I use it when I run out of the house for quick grocery errands, to the gym, casual outings with the family. I love's a really easy bag for casual days and those days when you want to carry something that will fly under the radar. It's a great bag.
  5. They have the vert anis GP at my boutique and the inside lining is colored blue ... love the contrast and it looks fab!
  6. MrsS, didn't you say that these coloured GPTs can fade or the colour get washed out or something to that effect, if it gets wet? I love GPTs and think the coloured ones are just fab:love: but I remember reading that you had trouble with your rouge imperiale one.
  7. I did Sue, but it's a mysterious case. Even the craftsman had no idea what caused the wormy wrinkles on my rouge imperiale GPT. I have friends like Amanda who also have these dyed coloured GPTs but they do seem to experience anything wrong with theirs. So my thoughts are that mine was an isolated case.
  8. No... It's not. I want a vert anis leather handles, with toile natural color...

    Like LaVan's with the vert anis leather... Has anyone ever seen that combination?
  9. Which one is that? Please kindly post the link. Thank you.
  10. Oooh, don't think I've seen that one Wellow; Vert anis leather with natural toile would be lovely!
  11. Call the Wakiki Boutique on Kalakaua. I saw one in your color combo there on Feb 3rd ish. Good luck!
  12. I know what you're thinking wellow. I've only seen red handles with natural toile GPT IRL before but not vert anis handles.
  13. REALLY....!!!!???!!! Thanks Elizabeth... I'll call them up tomorrow. I think H-store is close on Sunday right?