It's almost Halloween-what's your "handbag horror story"

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  1. I know we all need a distraction until the Spring preview later today.
    Seeing C4C9's post about her amazing yard sale find(3.00 for new condition yowza!) brought back memories for me of that exact bag- leather Ergo in cognac.
    I went to my neighbor's house a few years ago for a Mother-Daughter book group. I brought my pretty cognac Ergo which had been a favorite of mine for several years. I set her down on a bench in the entryway with everyone's coats.
    My sweet neighbor snatched her right up and said it was such a nice bag she wanted to put it somewhere safer. She plunked her down on a built in bench in her kitchen.
    Well....when I went to retrieve her later I was shocked to discover she was covered in hot wax! There was a candle burning on the counter above and a ton of wax had dripped over the side, down the cabinet and on to my poor defenseless bag.
    When I got home I was able to peel the wax all off but it left huge greasy oily stains on the bag! :cry::crybaby:
    What about you? What's the worst thing that ever happened to one of your Coach bags?
  2. I'm curious as to what your Neighbor friend did about the wax all over your badg??
  3. Your poor bag! I would have been so mad; safer place my butt!!
    My own horror stories? I have three.
    I once left my BT Willis in a shopping cart at Home Depot. I was mortified, but luckily, I got her back. My second story involves a lost hang tag on my Kristin satchel. She had two hang tags, but one went missing a friend's party. I'd just gotten her too...oh I was so sad. We looked high and low...never found it. I still have never replaced it. It still kind of stings to think about it.
    The 3rd actually happened this morning; I dropped my pretty blue leather (and newly rehabbed) Zoe in the mud. I actually I live in SC...we have that awful red clay here, it stains things horribly. I rushed into the house and cleaned and conditioned her, and set her aside to rest. Luckily, she cleaned up perfectly.
    Cute idea for a post!
  4. That's terrible about the hot wax!

    My horror story is my own fault, but I didn't know better at the time. I had just come home from a trip to the outlet mall. I got a gorgeous pleated large Sophia in sparkly flint with twisted handles. This bag was/is hottt!

    I bought the new bag and a new pair of dark blue jeans. You know where this is going, right? I put on my new jeans with my new bag and DH took me out to dinner. The bag was completely blue on the backside when I got home. I was so mad! I've since cleaned it several times, but I can still see it. I know better now. Expensive lesson. :shucks:
  5. I have actually been very lucky with my bags so far. Have only had one accident so far, and it was very recent. And I have a story about a bag that wasn't mine, but involves me and DH.

    My DH gets really bad nosebleeds sometimes, so I'm surprised I haven't had any problems before this. I was out of town for work, and DH came with me for the second half of the trip. We were in a mall visiting the Coach store (since there are none where we live), and we decided to eat at a nice restaurant afterwards. He stopped to ask someone for suggestions outside of the mall, and then turned around suddenly and hunched over. He had been having problems the last few days because of the dry weather, so I knew it was another nosebleed. I carry spare napkins in my purse just for this reason lol. I dug around to find the napkins, and he took them and I finished the conversation to get directions to a restaurant. When I looked in my purse to see how many napkins I had left, I noticed a big red spot on the inside lining :sad: He must have gotten too close or something when reaching for the napkins. I tried to wipe it down the best I could immediately, but have yet to really clean it at home. It came out pretty well, but there is still a dull stain left. It will definitely be getting a bath soon!

    This story is actually very embarrasing, but it's definitely a horror story. On our way to visit relatives, we stopped at a Coach outlet. I was looking for deletes, and pointed to one and said "oh, that's a popular one". My DH picked it up to look, and I told him to be careful with it since he didn't seem to be paying much attention. Well, I shouldn't have said anything at all, because he then just dropped it on the floor and said "oops, I dropped a Coach purse". I just froze in place and got the open mouth look. I was SOOO embarassed! I couldn't believe he did that, and I actually had thoughts of just leaving him there! Thank goodness noone was around or looking at us. I checked the bag (it was fine), and quickly put it back on the shelf. After we left that store and were on the road again, I gave him a long talk on what "purse people" expect out of a product, and how picky some people can be about flaws. He totally didn't realize how important it was, and felt bad about it afterwards. He made the connection that if he was buying some [insert guy thing here] for himself, he would want it to be perfect too. It's hard to tell that story to you guys, but hopefully some of you out there have significant others that act in crazy ways too?
  6. She meant well and I know she would have been very upset if she knew. She didn't see me leave, I think she was still in the living room.
    It was an accident. I wasn't mad, just sad because the bag was really not wearable after that.:nogood:
  7. Sorry about your bag.
    I have this Sophia in small and it is beautiful! The leather is soft, sort of a "peachy" finish. I had a B. Makowsky bag like that and it did seem very prone to color transfer.
    The good news is the color is on the backside of the bag. The bag news is you can still see it and know it's there. I love dark wash jeans but it is a PAIN!
  8. Oh no!! Your poor bag! I'm glad your DH bled all over the inside at least!
    My son used to get a lot of nosebleeds especially in his room at night.
    It got so bad I told my DH the next rug we buy for his room would be red!

    I love your outlet story , it is funny and horrible at the same time. I'm a little jealous your husband has any interest in going to the outlets with you! Mine could care less!:P
  9. I knocked a Dunkin Donuts cup full off coffee off my counter and right in to my open bag sitting on a chair below the eat-in counter just last week...thankfully I was able to hand wash the lining without issue...phew although my kids and hubby thought I was nuts for blow drying the bag after :biggrin:
  10. I once poured a half bottle of Cola into my bag, it's my first fp coach bag I bought from the outlet. Cola stained the bag inside out. To make things worse, by that time I did not know that bags can be cleaned, so I just threw it. Otherwise I would at least give it a try. Pity I did not even know the bag's name.
  11. Have you tried hydrogen peroxide on the blood stain? It will take out blood, sometimes even if it is an old stain.
  12. Lol, don't be jealous of me. Even though he doesn't mind going shopping, there are other things that he does you probably wouldn't want to have to deal with haha.

    I haven't tried that yet. Thanks for the tip! We're about to go on vacation tomorrow, but if I have time tonight I will see what happens.
  13. I'm glad you were able to clean that, but I can only imagine what you must have been thinking when it happened!
  14. I have a story, well two actually. I can carry a cheap tote and nothing and I mean nothing happens to it. Carry a nice bag and everything and everyone is attracted to it!

    So I'm at church with my new Ashley satchel (one of the few MMF bags I like) we are standing and singing. All of a sudden a little boy around 6 years old reaches over the pew grabs my bag and starts shaking it all around as if it was a tambourine to the beat of the music (very upbeat music) all while I am horrified that his mom just sets there smiling while he is beating my bag to death. I finally turned and made eye contact with his mother and smiled that smile that means "do something" then she finally said "oh no honey leave her things alone." My bag was ok but it was sticky and needed cleaning.

    Second story. Come home from an outlet trip so excited to have found a black patent poppy slim wallet. Hubby looks at it unzips it part way and says this doesn't unzip very far while proceeding to pull on the back of the wallet creasing it. I still feel a bit of anger/sorrow when I think about it. Needless to say it was not a nice night. DH couldn't get why I was so upset and just said "it's not like I meant to do it" while shrugging his shoulders. For some reason that comment made it 100 times worse. He is way better and has made it up to me but man that was a bad deal!!
  15. That was very sweet of you to not say anything, most wouldn't have been as gracious. You must be a good friend. :smile: