It's ALMOST Christmas time! What's on your wishlist?

  1. I'm still debating which bag to hint the bf to get me ha ha! What about everyone else? I'm thinking of getting something easy on his wallet, perhaps a MC wapity or the Azur Pochette.
  2. I wanted a Framboise Vernis Cles, Azur Speedy 30 and the Miroir Silver Speedy. Err....except I couldn't wait till Xmas to get my Cles and Azur Speedy, so now that leaves the Miroir and possibly a white MC Noe? :shame:
  3. I am getting, a Mono Bum bag, an Azur cles, a keepall or carryall in either mono or tobago or damier (if I get the keepall) and a Cabas Vailblanket, as well as a miroir papillion (But I might not like it IRL so backup is a chanel) from the fam.
  4. 30cm Birkin! : )
  5. damier azur 25!
  6. Absolutely nothing!
    I don't expect anyone I know to buy me LV!
    The closest thing I have to LV is wishing for HR gift cards and even then I don't think the total will exceed $100!
  7. Karman! I'll be wishing hard that someone surprises you! Heavy wishes from here in the south!
  8. LV: I've been going LV crazy the last couple weeks(and I'm going back to the store again this week to get a couple more things) so my list is smaller now...
    *Champs Elysees Bandeau in Pink
    *Fleur de Porcelaine in Blue, Red, or Beige
    *Monogram Speedy 30 or 25
    *Paddington Tote in Black Metallic Washed calf leather(most likely have to wait until Spring for this one)
  9. I'm wishing hard too! LOL
    But my family is not a huge celebrator of Christmas (I'd classify my family as 60% traditional Chinese so the traditional Chinese celebrations are #1 in our family) so I never get huge presents...
    My boyfriend's family is, of course, Canadian, so they celebrate Christmas like normal Canadian
    Maybe in a few years, the boyfriend will surprise me with something, I'm not expecting much just yet since we're both still really young and we've only been together for almost 2 years.
    He knows that I want Holt Renfrew gift cards though, so he's telling his parents! Haha!
  10. I don't get big gifts for Christmas either. I'm going to Vegas for Christmas so I might get myself something there. Hopefully get a mc trouville by the end of there and a Chanel baby cabas when my store gets it (might ask my mom for it for my birthday/christmas present).
  11. I would love the framboise speedy Inclusion key ring :biggrin:, and the Azur zippy organizer.
  12. Don't celebrate X-mas - I just phoned LV today to change my Mirror Papillon order to a Mirror Pochette though.
  13. white MC eliza or aurelia mm! can't decide on which!
  14. Daimer Papillion 26. :love:
  15. lovely :heart:

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