It's all your fault!

  1. This website/forum is so addictive!!! I just discovered it right before Thanksgiving, and now I've been logging in daily to read everyone's questions and comments! I haven't gotten any chores or work done because I'm always logged in - so thanks a lot everyone!!! It's all your fault!! LOL

    I love all of the questions/comments posted by everyone - so informative and fun to read! And I love viewing all of the photos - especially the photo of the 6 month old baby inside a small Noe - it was adorable!!!! Now I want a baby.... I mean a Noe, no, I want both!! Having a little girl would be so great so that I can give my LVs to her!!!

    Thanks to for creating a great website and to all of the members for making it so fun!
  2. I agree the forum is addictive, Enjoy your time here and welcome.
  3. Hello and welcome to TPF! I too caught the TPF bug. It began in August and I adore this site. I visit daily to catch up on the news and new purchases. I have learned so much and meet wonderful people. I too agree about becoming addicted:nuts:
  4. hehe I love TPF too! =D
  5. :p This forum will eat up all your time and money. :push:

  6. welcome .. tPf is like morning coffee for me:biggrin:
  7. Welcome, I know what you mean - I log on here at least once a day. It's my "time out" from other not so interesting stuff. I feel so much better after looking at everyone's LV items.:shame:
  8. I know what you mean. Its an addicting site. and I love coming here, and the people here are so nice and helpful! :yes: Since August, I now posted over 700 posts. I can't believe that many comments, questions lol.
  9. Totally agreed!!

    Glad to know tPF...:yes: I'm so addicted!!!
  10. I love reading the forum! It has definantely taken away from my studies, chores etc. But im obsessed, whenever I have a question, I dont think to call up my friends/family to ask them.. I just come onto TPF and ask everyone here, its a great little community!! I love you all haha
  11. ahah..yeah..this forum is addictive...hard to stay away especially when finals are comin up! aahhh...but I love it!

  12. lol..!!but that's right!!!!
    it makes me addicted to it, n shop for bags!:p
  13. Hi, welcome to TPF and LV forum, trust me ..when I the site was down, I got so many thing got done around the house for Chritsmas. Yes, this place is very addicting and not so good for wallet either.
  14. well said! i find myself on here even tho i'm supposed to be studying or something...
    and my LV collection has expanded since i joined :s
    but i do love tPF cuz its so informative!! and where else am i gonna find so many other ppl that share my passion? :p
  15. Welcome to TPF!!! It's VERY addictive.....I'm on until midnight many nights....sooo hard to get away! I take peeks while I'm at work (I don't want to miss out on anything!) but can't be on there too long or I'll get in touble! :smile: