It's all your fault!

  1. I heard about tpf on MUA -- I only came over here to take a peek. Now I am addicted. I have neglected every other forum I usually go to since finding tpf. But that's not what my issue is...

    Before I came here I just wanted a mono canvas Drouot. That's it. Okay, so I also wanted a mono canvas zippy organizer (I think that's what it's called) but that is it. But no, I had to come here and see all of you wearing your many bags in the visual aid forum and now my list is a mile long. Okay, so it's not a mile long...but now I also want to get: mono Batignoles Horizontal, Azure Pochette Accessories, Fuschia Denim Baggy GM, white m/c speedy or alma, Damier Knightsbridge, Uzes, and Illovo...and then of course there are the hard to find (or way toooooo pricey things) like the Oskar Waltz. It's all your fault. I was living in a happy little world thinking all I wanted was the Drouot...and now I am headed straight to the poor house with a wish-list like this. But what fun it is to dream about what I want next!
  2. LOL, i felt the same way when i first got into this forum... except my list isn't too long right now since i have enough bags to enjoy at the moment.
  3. Yes, that is what happens when LV and purse boards grab a hold of you.
  4. :lol: That's the reason why I never open the visual aids or collection thread, it's just to much :shame:
  5. Gah my tiny collection has doubled since I joined!
  6. hehehhe :welcome: your in good company
  7. this forum has that effect..........i feel your pain
  8. Hee Hee, sounds so familar.....I ordered a piece that I saw one of the lovely ladies had it can be really dangerous!!!!:P

    But keep to what YOU really want and take your time in building your collection so that you wont have any regrets later.....:yes:
  9. I completely understand your dismay.

    I came here to do research on getting ONE bag a year. And that has gotten completely shot out the window. :rolleyes:
  10. It's good to know if I'm going to h*ll in a handbasket then you're all going with me. Better be a big handbasket, that's for sure.

    Also, let me correct myself in the original post above...meant to say Waltz Oskar, not Oskar That's one name I don't need to learn since that one is WAY out of my budget...hahahaha!
  11. So, so true.
  12. So true, I only bought my first LV two weeks ago, and since then I bought a MC White Pochette and a Cherry Blossom Cles.

    My list of bags to buy includes the Mono Speedy 25, Mono Pochette, Black MC Pochette, Denim Baggy, Manhattan GM and MC Theda. If my DH saw this list he would pass out! :wtf:
  13. this forum gets u addicted!!! really it does
  14. :roflmfao: truly the dark-side!
  15. Trust me, I didn't think I was addicted...but now I am...welcome to our side!