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  1. Having seven Hermes bags feels like too many for me, and I'd like to whittle my collection down by two. Some would be thrilled to have five Hermes bags and other would be hard-pressed to limited themselves to only five. I figure it's all relative.

    I've been refining my collection over the past several months, adding some and subtracting some, and am ready to pare it down to the essentials. Here's the lineup:

    35cm Gold Togo Birkin GH
    35cm Black Togo Birkin GH
    35cm Black Box Birkin GH
    32cm Rouge H HAC PH
    32cm Black Box Sellier Kelly GH
    31cm Cognac Ostrich Bolide GH
    30cm Black Togo Birkin GH

    4 bags are Black; 2 are in the Gold family and one is Rouge H

    3 bags are Togo
    3 bags are Box
    1 bag is Ostrich

    3 - 35cm Birkins
    1 - 32cm HAC
    1 - 32cm Sellier Kelly
    1 - 31cm Rigid Bolide
    1 - 30cm Birkin

    Which two would you send to loving homes, and why?
  2. Well to me it seems an easy choice for the first to get rid of is the 35 black togo. I say this because you have a 35 black box and a 30 black togo.
  3. Well in my opinion only, you should be able to easily part with one black bag...and one 35 birkin...(maybe a black?)...then it boils down to which you love the most to the least...and ostrich bolide is great if you love bolides(like me) and ostrich means the world to you! A HAC is great if you love it - but is it really very different from the other birkins? Perhaps the shot of color is YOU but maybe you prefer no color?? Just my thoughts...I also have worked my way down to a comfortable bag wardrobe - to me, less is more...
  4. ITA with ReneH.
    If you need a workhorse, you will still have it in Gold Togo 35.

    Good luck with making a right decision!

  5. MODS -- if there's any way to combine the two "It's all Relative" threads, it would be wonderful. The poll was intended to go with this thread.
  6. Millstream, you have such a beautiful and enviable collection. It is so difficult to pare down such a collection. However, with that said, my thinking is between the 35cm Black Togo or the 30cm Black Togo. Reasoning - diversification.

    Both of these bags are black with GH. Your 35cm Black Box is classic and will only get more beautiful with age. So keep the 35cm Black Box as the black 35cm birkin. If you need a more casual black then you can use the 30cm Black Togo. If your lifestyle is casual and you use the size 35cm often then I would eliminate the 30cm Black Togo. Good Luck!!!
  7. I agree with the others - ditch the black togo.
  8. Ohh
    this is tough millstream

    One of the black bags I guess

    what ones make your heart flip??
    the ones that dont
  9. i totally agree with rene. i would get rid of the black togo 35. then it's a matter of which you love or use the least. personally considering your collection i might also lose the black 35 box birkin because everything else is very different but then again i know everyone here loves box...
  10. I think one of your black togo birkins.

    Sell one of those...mostly logically you would sell the 35cm because that is your only 30cm but 35cm might work more for you.

    I would sell a black togo birkin and then see how you feel from there.
  11. I think black togo in birkin 30 and 35 because you keep birkin black box 35. And you can get birkin 30 in the color you like so you have a birkin size 30 too.

    Wow you have 3 of black birkins. I actually like that. It is so cool. :supacool: But it is too much of the same look. :p
  12. Since your only kelly is a sellier black box GH 32, I would get rid of the togo 30 and the black box 35 if you REALLY insist on getting rid of TWO. black togo 35 is too much of a work horse to get rid of
  13. This wasn't intentional to have three Black Birkins, ilovemylife. I started with the 35cm Black Togo, then added the 30cm Black Togo for times when 35cm seems too big. I recently acquired the 35cm Black Box, know that it's too much of a good thing.

    Here's the challenge -- for a small bag, I've got the 32cm Black Box Sellier Kelly and the 31cm Cognac Ostrich Bolide. Neither is a knock-around, do errands kind of bag, so the 30cm Black Togo does serve a purpose. These other small bags are so different from one another. The Kelly is ladylike, perfect for a polished look and goes with most everything. The Bolide is under-the-radar elegant, light as a feather and best of all, NOT Black. I think I'm talking myself into keeping the 30cm Black Birkin for times when I need a small, casual bag.
  14. I can only think of one, Millstream. I say the 35 Black Togo Birkin.

    1. You have the iconic GOLD 35 Togo, so the other 35 can go.
    2. Your other Black Togo is a 30 and it's your only 30.
    3. You MUST keep the Rouge H HAC!
    4. Your Bolide is exotic!
    5. Your Black Box Kelly is a must-have (I want one too).

    If you must, then perhaps off-load the Black Box Birkin 35 as well since you have the iconic Black Box Kelly. Do you use your 30 Birkin much?
  15. ^^^I am with everyone else. Get rid of one of the black togos.
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