... it's all in the details ... (legacy close ups!)

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  1. I didn't do a reveal on these bags because others had already done so, and beautifully ... but after taking some pics for the "legacy clubhouse" I wanted to share them here first: The Anna Sui Dragonfly duffle and my cognac duffle with the lock fob. Thanks for looking!


  2. Fantastic pics! Do you have special software that allows the collage effect? I love it!
  3. 2 Gorgeous bags, love them both. Congrats, and great pictures.
  4. Congrats
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Drop dead gorgeus!
  7. Beautiful and amazing photography job!!
  8. That fob looks awesome on the cognac! I almost got one.....
  9. :dothewave:
  10. Beautiful! And i love how you did the pictures... very cute and creative!
  11. Love these pics! I have that keychain, it's so beautiful and heavy and solid, love it!!
  12. Gorgeous Thank you for posting.
  13. Wonderful pictures.
  14. Beautiful bags, and beautiful photography!
  15. Both are stunning!!