Its ALL about the NAVY... yes its here...

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  1. Well I'm finally home... <sigh> had to run and get some food (which I haven't even ate yet)... I just pulled it out of the box... my GOD, she is gorgeous! I have to take pics yet... but just to let you all know, I'm working as fast as I can, I'm also a hungry gal too right now since I haven't ate... Hang in there, I'll be posting some pics! BTW, the SA at the coach store showed me her leather natural ergo she just got today... my goodness! I love the natural also...
  2. I can't wait to see pics! My SA at the coach store showed me her pink patent and it was TDF! I can't decide which one to buy, hopefully the pics will help me choose!
  3. great! cant wait for pics!
  4. Hang on, pics are coming! can't find my extension cord!
  5. Where are the pictures girl. Are you still eating??? Lmao
  6. I can't wait to see your pics!!!! I am having a hard time deciding which color I like.... there are so many gorgeous colors coming out!
  7. You are killing me here :roflmfao:
  8. Sorry, I found my extension cord, uploading pics now... sorry guys! And yes I'm still eating WHILE i'm doing these pics! LOL :lol:
  9. Oh geez...I bet you're still honest! :P
  10. Well I just gotta show you the box first... look it how pretty it was packaged!
  11. OK, sorry no more strip teasing... here it is... the lighting is gonna be different in a couple of these pics... hard to get a "true" color when your inside... (and yes it was taken on my toliet cuz thats where the best lighting is!)
  12. WAIT... not done!

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Your toilet??? Now NO Coach bag belongs in the toilet, girl!! :lol:

    BEAUTIFUL BAG!! Now waiting for MORE toilet pics. :P
  14. Here are some modeling pics... what do ya guys think?
  15. AH! Thanks to you, I'm going to have a harder time figuring out what to buy! It's a beautiful bag and color though! Thanks for the pics! :smile: