It's All About Red!!

  1. This for your Shopmom!! Hope the pics are OK since I am a newbie.

    Kelly 32cm Rouge Vif coutchevels gold hardware

    Trim 31cm Rouge H chamonix/toile pall hardware

    Jige Rouge H box

    Bolide Rouge H w/white stitch. chamonix gold zipper

    Drag bag 27cm Vermillion chevre pall hardware

    After I did these pics I realized that I forgot Constance Rouge H in box. Will do her later:flowers:
    000_0004MA14596805-0001.JPG 000_0005MA14596805-0002.JPG 000_0008MA14596805-0003.JPG 000_0009MA14596805-0004.JPG 000_0015MA14596805-0005.JPG 000_0017MA14596805-0006.JPG 000_0018MA14596805-0007.JPG 000_0020MA14596805-0008.JPG 000_0022MA14596805-0009.JPG 000_0022.jpg
  2. What amazing beauties!
  3. Sorry they came out so small. Don't know what the H-- I'm doing!!
  4. On the floor! And I refuse to get up! OMG! GORGEOUS!
  5. Wow!
  6. Gorgeous! LOVe the Jige!
  7. WWWOOOOWWWWWW:heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. Wow! GraceKelly, you have such an amazing collection of red H bags!!! They are so beautiful~~ I LOVE them:nuts: How long have you had them?
  9. You're the best! Thank you so much!
  10. OMG! i love red bags also! hopefully one day my collection will be as great as yours! thanks for the lovely pictures!!!
  11. Great pics!!! I take it you like red??!!!
  12. OMG - LOVE the red! I guess you can't have too many! What a great collection!!!

    What size is your bolide?
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