It's about time for the... PASTILLES Club!

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  1. I'll start... I have a porte-clés pastilles in multicolor :love:
    Still waiting for the chaîne pastilles in marron (brown keychain, bag charm or bracelet) :graucho:
    How do you wear yours?
    pastilles.jpg pastilles1.jpg
  2. Lol I'll be joining when I get my multicolore extender/bracelet for Christmas! :yes:
  3. Love the charms. :heart::heart:
  4. I am SOO loving this. This is the one you got as a gift correct?
  5. Yes it sure is..:yes:
  6. So beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Ohhh, count me in! I have the phone charm thingy! :shame: I love it and get so many compliments on it. It looks great with my hot pink Razr phone! :yes: I'll try to get a picture of it soon!
  8. :yahoo:


    Anyone planning to get the new pastilles from the Spring line?
  9. Lol..I wasn't until you said something about it, Lulu! Haha. It's pathetic, I got just about everything from my list already for Christmas, but now I'm starting a new one and it's ALL accessories :lol:
  10. i love all of your accessories people!
  11. Yaay, I'm in!

    I just got the brown pastilles bracelet and I wear it on my new mini lin speedy. That was the reason I got it - it was on display and looked absolutely yummy.... :yahoo:
    mynewpastilles.jpg pastilles1.jpg mini lin speedy.jpg
  12. Here's the bracelet!
    100_6681.JPG 100_6690.JPG
  13. YAY! Ok, I'm joining!! :yahoo: Here's my MC Pastilles on my *new* Mini Lin Speedy!

  14. I just bought the brown pastilles chain/bracelet today - lovin' it! The large connecting "links" stay on the underside of my wrist, so all the charms stay on top for display. And the brown is very subtle - the piece looks more gold than brown.

  15. i love the brown:love: