It's about time! Caroulemapoulen's collection!

  1. New hairstuff from H&M:


    New parkas and a tie dye shirt from Weekday:


    Outfit from Northside Festival in Aarhus, Denmark:


    My new shorts and shirt with panter print from H&M:

    An older outfit:

  2. New MMJ shoes from work:


  3. Love the collection!
  4. I miss your posts! :smile:

    I love the long-sleeves top! May I know where you got it?

  5. You mean my green parka-coat-ish jacket? It's from Zara, it's in stores now. And thank you! :smooch:
  6. Love ur PS!!! Nice color !
  7. Thanks!!
  8. love your style caroulemapoulen, very unique
  9. OMG WOW.. amazing collection
  10. Aww, thank you so much, airborne! I love that you keep checking back in with me. :smooch:

    Thank you so much! :smooch:
  11. Yup! Thanks so much! I hope to grab one this weekend! :smile:
  12. I'll cross my fingers for you! :biggrin:
  13. Hi, I love this boot! It's stylish and chic. Do you Mind to share the brand? You wear it so well
  14. Of course, they're Chloé! They're called Susanna :smooch:

  15. Oh thanks