It's about darn time!

  1. Well, it's FINALLY warm enough for me to break out my new Watercolor Wristlet! I bought it April 4th and have been dying to wear it all this time, but the weather just hasn't been warm enough. It's going to be close to 76 degrees or so today so I'm going to load it up after I come home from work and take it to PetSmart with me. The guinea pigs need food, and I need to showcase my goods (of the Coach variety, of course!) I wish I had a digital camera because the wristlet is just TDF! Every time I try to take a picture with my camera phone, it doesn't come out right. I have a new Carly demi on the way as well so I'm going to try to get a hold of somebody's digital camer. I NEED to take pictures of all the cute goodies!
  2. I think I'll break out some of my Spring/Summer bags today too!!!!
  3. I want to...but I just know that I'll have to put them away like next week...I may just wait until the end of May to break out my green Hamptons tote...I know it's going to be my "all summer" bag..
  4. Same thing up here!
    It's SO nice out and 70 degrees!
    Time to break out the baby blue signature hobo!
  5. It's 80 here!! I would say that summer has officially arrived, but we get some crazy fluctuations in weather so I won't jinx it LOL.
  6. I carried my white ergo today with my watercolor scarf.
    I love it!
  7. Yes, I was debating switching my stuff over. Just trying to decide if I am keeping the WC or going to eBay it...
  8. The weather was gorgeous today and I took my Watercolor wristlet out for the first time too! I really love that collection.
  9. Isn't it absolutely adorable!! I love love LOVE that wristlet so much. I've been watching it like a hawk..I'm sleeping over my best friend's house because her parents aren't home and she gets lonely--she has a HUGE labrador retreiver who likes to eat stuff so I was like okay, I need to hide my baby so she doesn't wind up getting eaten...or slobbered on, either one. I'm going to breakfast later this morning (it's 4 am, I can never sleep at other people's houses), and I know I'm gonna be crazy about getting it dirty there, too. The wristlet was one of my first designer accessories. I mean, I had bought a mini skinny before that but this is sooo different than that. If it gets dirty I think I'll cry!
  10. That sounds like a cute combination! I fell in love with the white Ergo but said no since it's too seasonal. I need something for all year round right now. So I decided on a khaki Carly Signature Demi. I was deadset on getting the camel Ergo but I change my mind so damn much that by the time the Carly gets here, I won't want it anymore either. :rolleyes:
  11. it hit 80 here yesterday... I still carried my pond shoulder bag because I don't think I can put it
  12. Wow! It seems that everywhere will be warmer than where I live in Los Angeles! It supposed to be a high of 61!! Brrr...

    Yes, definitely try to get a hold of a camera! I want to see your goodies!!!
  13. 80 in MI today, but going to rain and go back to the 50's the rest of the week. It's okay though using my pebbled leather....Love it!!
  14. It's been in the mid to upper 70s for the past few days here. I may bring out the scribble collection one day this birthday is Saturday and I think I have decided on the white ergo hobo and a watercolor scarf as a present to myself so hopefully the weather continues to cooperate.