It's a Tiffany's Christmas for me! :)

  1. Happy Holidays, everyone!

    I was lucky enough to get a beautiful blue box for Christmas this year, courtesy of my parents! Really pleased with customer service and came in ONE day - and I got free shipping!

    I got the Return to Tiffany heart tag pendant on the 34" beaded chain...saw it on one of my friends and fell in love with it! Plus I already have an oval tag necklace so I wanted something longer... I wore it today with a knot in the middle then switched to having it layered around my neck twice and LOVED it! :smile:

    I wish I had gotten it engraved on the other side...oh well.

    Pretty red ribbon for the holidays. It always makes me sad when I can't tie it back to the way it perfectly.




    Thanks for reading!
  2. if you have a tiffanys store near you, you can take it in and it'll take 3 days to engrave. I think it's only $10 to do it.
  3. Congrats and enjoy!
  4. Congratulations! Enjoy it!
  5. Congratulations!

    I bought my parents Tiffany gifts and they didn't come with a red ribbon :tdown:
  6. Congrats! Happy Holidays!
  7. Pics not working for me.
  8. :sad:pics not working for me either
  9. Me either :sad:
  10. i love that one!!
  11. Can't see the pics but congrats!!
  12. I want to see the pics :sad:
  13. yes, i can't see the pics either! but happy christmas to you! i'm so glad you're excited.
  14. Whoa thats so weird...thanks everyone and sorry for the wait, but here are the pics re-uploaded!
    1_d644464f646d539e22adce30034bd8a0.jpg 1_ecf5021d73815845de3894955c7a02b3.jpg 1_a129ec8a611a1d9a25d2b3daf3ab20e5.jpg
  15. congrats!