It's a sweet DAY...does it smell like Cinnamon?

  1. This sweetie just came in...I just had to share...:girlsigh::
    Cinnamon (Mogano) F/W 07

  2. oops double posted the one pic, here is the other:[​IMG]
  3. LOVE your cinnamon day!!! :heart: Great pics, too...gorgeous color and leather!!! Congrats, blessings!! :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
  4. HOLY CRAP, that is beautiful!! Ahhhh GGH! That is a seriously gorgeous bag.. amazing leather. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  5. Holy Cow!!!! That bag is GORGEOUS!!!! The leather is absolute perfection.....CONGRATS!!!
  6. Congrats to you...the leather looks gorgy, and I love the GH on this bag!!!
  7. That leather is TDF! :drool: Congrats!!
  8. That bag is yummy:drool::drool:!!!!! Congrat.'s!!!! I love the combination of Cinnamon with the GGH!!!!! It's soooo classy!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Love the catch line & the day.. t:huh:O!!!! :woohoo: Love the warmth of the color & the GGH!!!... :love: ANother great choice sis~!
  10. GORGEOUS leather and color! She's a beauty!!! Enjoy
  11. It's gorgeous, I love that combo hardware on mogano. Congrats!
  12. Wow! Man, I'm stoked that f/w 07 leather has been so consistently yummy and delicious! This Day is BEAUTIFUL!
  13. There are no words! I am speechless!! :wtf::wtf:
  14. congrats! yummy leather yet again!
  15. Wow, that leather is awesome. I love the color too. So rich.