It's a Sunny Day! :D

  1. In more ways than one :smile:
    Finally got some time today to see some of the SS items and new releases e.g. coeurs, cosmetic pouches, and make deposit/waitlist for my monogram pulp weekender :biggrin:. I love the mancrazy too, but not so crazy about the jokes...which really is too bad, cos the design looks great!
    Incidentally, the sunnies I requested for arrived at the store today! So here it is, my first pair of black LV sunnies :biggrin:

    I was surprised to see LV change the case design, and finally they've changed their cloth to a drawstring pouch like Chanel does! I've always wondered why they didn't do so sooner, it's so much more convenient :smile:
    R0010831_1.JPG R0010834_1.JPG R0010835_1.JPG R0010836_1.JPG
  2. Come on, show us!!
  3. yeah the case looks like on of my fendi sunnies case
  4. Had some trouble loading the rest of the pics. Here they are finally!
    The Ursula Strass Noir
    Thanks for looking :smile:
    R0010848_1.JPG R0010849_1.JPG R0010850_1.JPG
  5. Those are gorgeous!!!!
  6. OMG! They are TDF!
  7. I've seen these in person and they are just STUNNING - congratulations! Is the case soft now, or does it still have a rigid structure? I prefer hard cases.
  8. Congrats .. FAB purchase:love:
  9. Lovely. Congratulations!
  10. Cool sunnies!! Congrats!
  11. They look great!
  12. Oooo, NICE!!!:yes: Enjoy & Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Ooooh those are totally yummy. A nice little bit of flash for a sunny day.

    Are they oversized or regular?

    Congratulations and ENJOY them.
  14. total glam, but still quite understated and classy :tup: i love that's its a different flower on each temple. congrats!

    ps: not sure about the new case, but i like the drawstring pouch. i wonder if this is standard now.
  15. I really like them! I hope I can work up to some LV sunglasses i the future.