It's a small collection

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  1. Wow nice stuff! Love the LV!
  2. doesnt look so small to me. nice stuff.
  3. Me either, makes me depressed, great collection though :p
  4. Lovely collection! Love the Baggy GM, Pampellone, and Olav MM the most! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Great collection!
    The group hug is cute!
  6. OMG! Girlie, what do you mean small? it looks like a store!! love the lvs and the chanel!
  7. Smalll??? LoL... not really ;)
    Love the green Balenciaga!
  8. that was far from small but incredibly impressive!!!! love the collection and i love that it was made on a mac!
  9. small? yea, right! nice stuff!
  10. Thanks you guys for the shout outs... It's small compared to some that i've seen on this site. lol

    I am in the market for 2 new bags, i don't want to jinx it. so i'll post them when i have them in my purse-grubbing hands!

  11. Great collection!
  12. nice!
  13. Very nice collection, I love your LVs. And I like the way you set up your website too. Very stylish!
  14. Not small at all, beautiful collection!